#bTaskee Team

Applying the technology into the service, bTaskee brings the convenience, relaxing time and also good values to the community. If you have the same passion, let's be one of our members today!


Who We are

We are a group of young people who love and use technology platform to create ”An application having many utilities” especially for families. We live, work and nurture the passion together.


What We do

We offer an easier life by providing On-demand Home cleaning service, Air-conditioner cleaning service and Laundry service, which are integrated on one application called bTaskee.

Why Work Here

Open environment

Every member at bTaskee is young, so we always know how to listen to you. Here, we give you the opportunity to experience many tasks to find your most favorite and suitable job.

Flexible company trip

At bTaskee, we organize teambuilding during all holidays in the year. Especially, we will all explore a new destination together every year.

Comprehensive health

Happiness and wellness always go together, so bTaskee is always committed to full Coverage for employees.


Job opportunities

Customer Service

Customer Service Staff

Human Resources

bTasker Recruitment
HR Executive

Business Development

Business Development Executive


Marketing Manager

Content Creator Staff

Marketing Staff

Copy Writer Staff

Copy Writer Intern

SEO Executive

SEO Intern


Graphic Designer Staff

Graphic Designer Intern


Mobile Developer – React Native
Front-End Developer


General Accountant