Home Cooking

Cooking delicious meals for

your family just like a mother


Home Cooking

Cooking delicious meals for

your family just like a mother

About bTaskee Home Cooking Service


Healthy Meals

Your meal will be cooked by bTaskee partners, who strictly comply with hygiene and safety food procedures. Customers can request our partners either to use available ingredients in their refrigerator or to go shopping for more ingredients.


Delicious Meals

bTaskee partners are highly trained and resourceful in cooking. Your meal will be tasty and healthy just like your mother would do.


Cosy Meals

Being cooked by Vietnamese women, your meal smells and tastes great and bring your family together. Your family will have more time together, bTaskee will help you out with cooking.

Why you should choose bTaskee Home Cooking Service?


Fast & Convenient booking

Book your cooking task easily within 60 seconds and get a partner quickly in 60 minutes.


Transparent Price

bTaskee service price will be clearly displayed on bTaskee app, no extra fee charged.


High Quality

bTaskee partners will strictly complies with hygiene and safety food procedure during your task.


Delicous Meals

With professional skill and high enthusiasm, they will cook a cosy and delicious meal for your family.

How to book bTaskee Home Cooking Services


Service Price

Price is only for reference at current booking time. The fee can be automatically changed depending on the location, peak time and holidays.

* Service is now only available in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.

* Service is only available from 10:00 am to 19:30 pm. We will raise the price up to 20% after 17:00 pm.

* If you book shopping service accompanied with Home Cooking service, bTaskee will automatically add 30 minutes to your service’s duration. Your new service price will be updated as well.


bTaskee partners will not go shopping during your Home Cooking task. If you want to request, you can choose “Go Shopping” on bTaskee apps while booking.

After cooking, bTaskee partners will only clean up the cooking area and equipment used during the service process.

bTaskee partners will not support you with extra task after the cooking process. They will only clean up the cooking area and equipment used during the service process.

You can book more bTaskee partners to cook by booking more task on bTaskee apps.

You can book permanent bTaskee partners by choosing your favorite partners and contacting bTaskee hotline 1900 636 736 for support.

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The application is currently deployed in Vietnam Thailand Indonesia


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