Deep Cleaning

The cleaner the environment.

the healthier you are.


Deep Cleaning

The cleaner the environment.

the healthier you are.

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Difference between Deep Cleaning service and Home Cleaning service


Nature of work

The maid will clean to every .. . will all be cleaned using the appropriate specialized procedure. Deep cleaning service includes basic house cleaning (cleaning, sweeping, mopping, ...), cleaning smallest details in your home such as ceilings, glasses, vents, cabinets, furniture and hidden corners. All will be done by our taskers following a specialized procedure.



Deep cleaning service requires at least 2 taskers to perform the task in comparison to the normal Home cleaning service. There will be a team leader in charge of assigning, evaluating and making sure the task is finished on time.



Deep cleaning service is recommended every 2-3 months , especially on special events like Tet, compared to daily cleaning tasks.


Work tools

The tasker team is required to bring specialized equipments and tools when coming to perform the task. There is absolutely no extra charge for the bringing of deep cleaning equipments like the hourly home cleaning service.

Why should I use bTaskee Deep Cleaning service?


Tackle large volumes of work

Deep cleaning of the house is the optimal solution to defeat"" the large amount of work that spreads over the entire house that the hourly home cleaning service can hardly meet.


Save time

If you want to complete a large amount of work in a short time, just directly book a deep cleaning task, then you will have the taskers ready to handle the work on your behalf.


No cleaning supplies fee

The taskers will have all the equipments ready when they come to clean. You don't need to choose any additional option.


Improve living space

Deep cleaning of the house not only helps to ensure a safe and clean living environment, but also erases the environment of pathogenic bacteria.

What tasks do general housekeeping include?

Service price

* For peak hours (before 8:00 and after 19:00),on Saturday and Sunday, the service fee increases by 20% (excluding cleaning supplies fees).

* Fee is for reference at the present time. Service prices can be automatically adjusted depending on the location, peak hours, holidays.

Who are the Deep Cleaning taskers ?


Professional deep cleaning taskers

Every home cleaning collaborator has at least 6 months of experience.


Has checked and verified the background

The cleaning collaborator passed face-to-face interviews and went through 3 phases of background check


Highly rated by other customers

We collect customer reviews and feedback after each cleaning task to ensure all cleaning collaborators are of the best quality.


Friendly and polite

bTaskee cleaning collaborators are trained on specialized skills, behaviors and communication methods with customers to ensure that cleaning process at the customer's home are comfortable and pleasant.


When using the hourly home cleaning service, the collaborators will perform tasks consisting of daily cleaning and household tasks.

The deep cleaning service will be suitable for customers who need to clean a large area/ an unhibited house or having to thoroughly clean on holidays/Tet. There will be more taskers joining on the task with sufficient cleaning supplies.

The collaborators performing the deep cleaning service are hard-working taskers with many years of experience. Before starting work, the taskers surveyed the total workload. If they feel like not having enough time to complete it, they will either advise you to increase the hours or call in more taskers to assist. In case of problems, please contact the operator 1900 636 736 for assistance.

Taskers will bring all your cleaning tools to work. The kit includes: broom, dustbin, vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, towel, floor cleaner, toilet vim, glass cleaner, toilet brush.

In case you want to request more special tools such as an iron, a vacuum cleaner, … you can take notes on the task detail. If appropriate, the taskers will take on the task.

Currently, bTaskee does not support industrial cleaning such as paint removal, scraping mortar/ cement, industrial waste treatment,… for newly built houses. bTaskee will assist with deep cleaning service for houses which have been processed with industrial cleaning service previously.

In case of urgent need, you can book 1 hour in advance, our deep cleaning taskers are quick to accept the task.

Most of the collaborators are female and are unable to support in moving and climbing high ceilings. If the task is within their capacity or supplied with special tools, they will perform it.

bTaskee operates everyday including Tet, you can book the services during that time. To ensure that your task is confirmed on weekends, holidays, New Year, bTaskee encourages you to book 1-2 days in advance.

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