Grocery Assistant

Grocery shopping will become simpler and more convenient with the help of the bTaskee grocery assistants.

Grocery Assistant Service

Grocery shopping will become simpler and more convenient with the help of the bTaskee grocery assistants.

Why should I use bTaskee Grocery Assistant Service ?


Save time

You do not have to spend hours commuting to the market, strolling through every booth and waiting in line to pay. All the tasks will be done by our grocery assistants.


Relieve the burden

Gone are the days when you sweat under the heating sun or get soaked in heavy rain shopping for the next family meal ingredients. For now, you can rest assured since all those burdens are supported by bTaskee.


Guarantee best service quality

Grocery assistants will directly select each type of food, with good quality and deliver to you.


Transparent price

You only need to pay the exact shopping fee indicated on the receipt and service fee displayed on the app.

What is the difference between bTaskee's service and others' ?


Quick booking - fast delivery

You only need 60 seconds to book service on the application. Immediately 1 hour after booking, the grocery assistant will purchase and deliver the goods to you.


Professional assistant

bTaskee grocery assistants are experienced housewives. They will personally select each item, ensuring the goods are always fresh and of good quality.


Variety of options

Need any item ? Just write down the items, its quantity, notes and book service. You do not need to look for each listed item, not being dependent on the list of goods available on the application.


Flexible for change

If any unexpected situation arises: the need to buy goods changes, the location of the market is out of stock, you can communicate directly with the assistant through the free call and text message on the app.

Who are bTaskee's shopping assistants ?


How to book bTaskee Grocery Assistant Service


Service price

Basic service fee

50,000 VND

Minimum fee of an task (within 5km radius)

15,000 VND

* For Ho Chi Minh, basic service fee is 80,000vnd/h.

* For peak hours (before 8:00 and after 19:00),on Saturday, Sunday, service rates increase by 20%.

* From 5km onwards, customers will be subject to an additional surcharge of VND 3,000 / km.

* Customers using the service for the first time must deposit 200,000 VND in bPay account – payment account in bTaskee application.

* Price is for reference at the present time. Service prices can be automatically adjusted depending on the location, peak hours, holidays.


bTaskee Grocery Assistant Service is a service to help purchase grocery following the list of goods at the location specified by the customer and make the deliver in 1 hour.

You can choose either convenience stores or supermarkets to proceed with the shopping.

bTaskee Grocery Assistant Service is currently available in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Bien Hoa, Binh Duong.

bTaskee has a limit on the value of each booking, with a minimum value of 200,000 VND and a maximum of 1,000,000 VND.

You can use the Grocery Assistant Service to buy food, drinks and daily items.

Yes, you can communicate directly with the grocery assistant through the free calling and texting feature directly on the bTaskee app. This does not incur extra cost of service.

The estimated amount you choose on the application is the basis for the grocery assistant to select the goods according to your requirements.

When the grocery assistant delivers, you need to pay the exact amount indicated on the receipt plus the service fee on the application.

You can book a Grocery Assistant Service task from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. according to bTaskee service hours.

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