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As a tech driven company which offers a mobile platform, bTaskee is a leading company in the cleaning service sector in Vietnam. The platform allows both users and cleaners to directly book and confirm tasks via bTaskee application.

Giúp việc nhà thảnh thơi bTaskee

Service selection

4 easy steps to book a task

Step 1

Select a service

User can select one of these services: On-demand Home Cleaning Service, Air-Conditioner Cleaning Service, Laundry, Cooking, etc.
Step 2

Fill in details of task

Fill in necessary information for the task. Write a note with specific requests to quickly receive bTaskee support
Step 3

Fill in contact details and payment method

bTasker will promptly contact you after confirming the task
Step 4

Confirm and Finish

Please check your task information and click to confirm the task
Step 1. Select a service
Step 2. Details of task
Step 3.Contact details and payment method
Step 4. Confirm and Finish

Download and sign-in to experience great features that are only available on bTaskee application


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