Search for trustworthy on-demand taskers with bTaskee

Are you looking for a home cleaning tasker ? bTaskee – The perfect solution for the caretaking of your home. It only takes 60 seconds to confirm a task booking on the bTaskee app.

Search for trustworthy on-demand taskers with bTaskee

Are you looking for a home cleaning tasker ? bTaskee – The perfect solution for the caretaking of your home. It only takes 60 seconds to confirm a task booking on the bTaskee app.

Why do customers choose bTaskee home cleaning services ?


Save time looking for housekeepers

Customers need only 60 seconds to set up a task on the app to find a tasker in 60 minutes.


Safety first

We strictly manage all of our home cleaning taskers. They need to go through identity checks and direct interviews.


Guarantee best service quality

Our skilled collaborators always get things done that exceed expectations.


Ready to support

If you need help or have any questions regarding the home service, get in touch immediately by phone, email or online chat.

What will the on-demand home cleaning tasker do?

Service Price

* Fee is only for reference at the present time. Service fee can be automatically reviewed depending on the region, peak hours, holidays.

* If the total duration booked for home cleaning task is taking more than 4 hours, you should book Deep cleaning service.

* For peak hours (before 8:00 and after 19:00) , on Saturday and Sunday, the hourly service rate increases by 20%.

* To actively select collaborators, you can use the ‘Manually choose Tasker”” feature at a cost of 20,000 VND / time. Otherwise experience the add-on for free with the Montly Subscription Package.

How to book a home cleaning task


In order to save time booking tasks, avoid making multiple payments, enjoy prompt support by bTaskee to find the most excellent bTasker, you can use the "Subscription" service.

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When your tasker (CTV) is confirmed for your task , you can check out her average star rating from previous customers on the app.
You can identify a bTasker’s information through her image on the application or scan the QR code.

bTaskee operates throughout all days, including Tet. However, to ensure that your task is always confirmed with a bTasker, you should book 1-2 days in advance. Service charges on public holidays will be increased by 20%.

This is the duration that tasker will finish cleaning at your house with an estimated area and number of rooms. You can customize this duration to match the amount of work in the description.

bTaskee provides on-demand home cleaning service from 6:00 to 22:00 daily.

You can call or chat directly on the app. However, the bTaskeer will actively contact you immediately after receiving the task.

Whenever you need deep cleaning service with multiple taskers, you can choose to use the service “Deep Cleaning” on the application.

You can cancel the task after completing it with the “Optional” icon. However, you should limit the number of cancellations, up to 7 times in 7 days. Because this will reduce your credibility on the bTaskee app.

After completing the task, a payment receipt for service will be sent to the email you registered in the Contact & Payment” step when posting the home cleaning task.

bTaskee apologizes if the tasker cancels on your task. When this happens, your task will be automatically posted back on the system, other taskers will actively accept it.

It might be due to the fact that your task was posted when there is a surge in demand for service. In this case, please wait a little longer, a tasker will accept the task promptly. Or you can call the support center 1900 636 736 for immediate assistance.

When the above situation occurs, please do not let the person enter the house and call 1900 636 736 for immediate assistance.

If during the process of using the service, any unfortunate incident such as property damage or theft occurs, please inform your complaints and disputes to our customer support department via email Make sure to provide all specific information and evidence for to smooth the solving process. (Note: The email content should specifically include the incident and the timeline, attached relevant evidence such as photos, videos from security cameras (if any).

Within 02 working days after receiving the complaint (excluding weekends and holidays), bTaskee will check, confirm , respond to the related parties and bTaskee has the right to request for information. Kindly accept all incoming calls from bTaskee. In the process of resolution, bTaskee requires the parties to not disclose any information about the complaint or related to the complaint online or on social channels.

In the case of a conflict or complaint that is of a serious and unresolvable nature, the complainant (Customer, Tasker, Partner) submits an application to the legal authorities for intervention. bTaskee will coordinate with state agencies if needed to supply documents and information of relevant parties.

In the event of a conflict related to a breach of the Tasker’s Code of Conduct, the Partner has committed bTaskee to take corresponding corrective measures.

bTaskee does not provide a fixed tasker. Instead, you can customize your taskers through 2 features: Prioritize favorite taskers and Choose tasker manually.

If you have a need to fix a tasker, you should experience the Monthly Subscription Package service.

You can change the time&date through the call center 1900 636 736.

Before starting work, bTasker will check through the working area. If it is found that the workload is not suitable for the working time that the customer has estimated, bTasker will discuss with the customer about two solutions:

  • Customer agrees to let bTasker do workload equivalent to the number of hours the customer has booked on the application.
  • If the customer agrees to increase the number of hours so that bTasker can complete the work, bTasker will contact the operator to update the new number of hours and exact service fee to be billed by the customer. After that, bTaskee’s Customer Care staff will assist in canceling the booked task and update the correct task for the customer.

bTaskee supports to find taskers in 9 provinces and cities both for Vietnamese and foreign customers. BTaskee application is programmed in 4 languages: English, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese with automatic translation feature, so foreign customers and taskers can easily communicate with each other.

In addition, bTaskee customer care team can communicate in multiple languages and is ready to assist foreign customers at any time.

In particular, bTaskee also allows payment in many forms (cash, Visa / Master card, bPay wallet – Top-up via Momo, ZaloPay, ..), so customers will also feel more secure about monetary issues.

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Download, register and experience exciting features only available on bTaskee App – On-demand Home Services