Child Care service with bTaskee

Are you looking for a professional babysitter to help you take care of your baby at home?

With just 60 seconds bTaskee will help you have a responsible, professionally skilled, professional and thoroughly verified in-home child care professional in no time.


Child Care service with bTaskee

Are you looking for a professional babysitter to help you take care of your baby at home?

With just 60 seconds bTaskee will help you have a responsible, professionally skilled, professional and thoroughly verified in-home child care professional in no time.

Why should parents use bTaskee's Child Care service?


Quickly find a professional babysitter

Parents will quickly find child care professionals with experience and expertise in babysitting. With just a few steps to book an appointment for about 60 seconds on the app, bTaskee will help you immediately have a dedicated - professional babysitter.


Absolutely safe for your baby

Children's safety will be the most important factor in child care, bTaskee strictly manages all bTasker. They need to go through a full rigorous selection process and thorough background checks.


Dedicated and attentive when working

bTasker will take care of the children in the most professional way. Be proactive with your work - Support children to play, transport children to school, personal hygiene, eating according to parents' notes and requests. The nannies are all female between the ages of 22 and 45, carefully selected and trained.


Timely monitoring and support

bTaskee will regularly update information through the application, call to visit bTasker and parents regularly. bTaskee is ready to assist with any parent's needs through call centers or other communication channels.

What will bTasker do when babysitting?

The following are the tasks that bTasker will perform in Child Care service


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What are the great advantages of booking services at bTaskee?

With the form of booking child care services through the app, it will help families actively use the service at flexible times of the day. That is, parents only order the service when needed and can choose a service package from 2 hours to 8 hours depending on the needs of that day.

As for the form of hiring a babysitter on a monthly basis through referral centers, the family still has to pay a service fee for the time they do not use it. For example, on days when my parents are not busy with work or have relatives to take care of the baby, on these days I still have to pay the fee for the hired babysitter on a monthly basis.

Criteria of a good babysitter


Experience and expertise in babysitting

This is the most important factor when parents need to find a babysitter that parents need to pay attention to because the experience and professional skills can help the nanny quickly get used to the job, take care of the child. the best way.
For experienced nannies, when emergency situations occur, they will be able to provide the fastest and most accurate solution.
During the interview, parents should pose hypothetical situations such as the case of a baby spitting up milk, being burned by boiling water, falling, etc. to see how they handle and improvise.


Babysitter's personality

Parents need to pay attention to the babysitter's personality, as children can be greatly influenced by the babysitter's personality. For example: If the babysitter is sociable and happy, the child will tend to open up to everyone around him. On the contrary, if the babysitter is quiet and quiet, the child will have a quiet personality and less communication with people.
During the interview, parents should pay attention to how the babysitter behaves, talks, behaves, and behaves. Talking, asking about their views, how to behave with children, what makes them love children, love this job, ...


The age of the babysitter

The age of the home sitter is also one of the factors that parents should consider when looking for a home sitter.
Young babysitters may not have experience in taking care of children, but they are more psychological, know how to play and communicate with children in different ways. On the contrary, for older caregivers, they will have a lot of experience in child care, but they will be limited in communicating and teaching young children. Therefore, parents should carefully consider their age before hiring a babysitter at home.


Babysitter's voice

If the child is at the age of learning to speak, the babysitter's voice will also greatly affect the baby because the child will learn tones and voices from the people around him. Therefore, parents should choose babysitters with a standard voice that will help their children practice speaking better.


Health status of babysitter

Health criteria is also an important factor of a nanny. They need to have a certificate of eligibility for health status to be able to best care for the baby. Besides, they do not have infectious diseases, ... to ensure the safety of children's health.


Consult with children

If the child is grown and can be recognized, parents should ask the child's opinion, whether he loves the babysitter,... before deciding to hire that nanny.
During the meeting and acquaintance between the child and the babysitter at home, parents should pay attention to how the child behaves towards the babysitter, if the child is friendly, sociable and open to the caregiver. This is a good thing because the child will be the one to interact with them all day, which will make them happier and more alert.


Depending on the needs of the parents, the Tasker can take the children to school or to other locations according to the needs of the parents. Transportation includes walking, personal motorbike, parents’ own car,…

In the case of transporting children to school, parents need to discuss with the teacher about the information of the Transportation Collaborator. Clarify with parents information including: Time; Location; Class name; Information about the teacher handing over the child.

Tasker are women aged between 22 and 45, recruited and trained in skills in using motorbikes and knowing the location of the working area. Help parents feel secure about transportation and ensure the safety of their children’s transportation.

The Tasker only accept children from 3 to 11 years old.

NOTE: in the following cases Tasker will refuse to accept child care: Children with autism need special care; Children with mental illnesses need their own care; Children with disabilities requiring special care; Children are being treated at the hospital; In case the child is taking care of the illness at home, the collaborator will observe and discuss carefully with the parents about the child’s condition before accepting the job.

Tasker only looks after the children at the home or the location designated by the parent, absolutely does not organize child care at the Contributor’s own home or take the child out of the designated area without notifying the parent.

bTaskee will call and monitor the Tasker regularly to ensure the safety of children and regularly update the situation on the application for parents.

Tasker will not take on the role of teaching spelling, lecturing, correcting or tutoring. Tasker can only support to monitor and urge children to learn from parents’ requests.

Tasker will not bring ready-to-eat food for the child, instead the Tasker will prepare food for the child according to the available menu provided from the parent. Parents can prepare meals or order Grocery Assistant Service.

This is something bTaskee does not allow collaborators to do. You can continue to schedule Child Care service on the app to enjoy the superiority of the service and be protected when problems arise.

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