About bTaskee

1. Vision

The population is growing rapidly in Vietnam, and there are many people entering the workforce. bTaskee wants to be the marketplace where service providers can find work without having to go through difficult intermediaries. At the same time, it is difficult for people to find quality work in Vietnam. There are no real standards, and people end up relying on referrals from their friends. It takes just 60 seconds to book a task on your phone using bTaskee. You get connected with a maid that has been rated and reviewed by other customers, pushing the standards of quality work up. Our modern technology helps you to get connected with local service providers without all of the hassle of going through agencies.

Currently, bTaskee has created jobs for over 20,000 people across three cities: Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, and Da Nang. We hope to expand to more services in the future and continue to grow across Vietnam.

2. Development

We started bTaskee in the heart of South East Asia, as the home cleaning market is strong here and we are locals to the market. Ho Chi Minh city was the first city that we began in, and since then have grown to more cities across Vietnam. Since launched in April of 2016, bTaskee has served over 50,000 customers with over 150,000 tasks completed.

3. Core values

bTaskee believes in improving and rewarding quality work. In Vietnam, measures of quality are difficult to assess, and that is why bTaskee strives to maintain a high level of quality for all sides of the marketplace.

As a link to connect customers and home cleaning providers, we prioritize the best customers and cleaners in our system. By rewarding our best maids and cleaners, we can ensure that the customer has a better chance of having a great experience.

Sincerely thanks to our amazing co-workers

bTaskee would not be what it is today without our amazing team that helps to develop and contribute to our product every day.

We are extremely grateful to our development team for creating a seamless product, customer success team for building a great customer experience, our business development team who worked to build our partnerships and operating procedures, and our interns / staffs who together, work tirelessly in order to make bTaskee’s journey as stable and successful as it is today.

bTaskee Team