Process of resolving complaints

In order to deliver the best service experience as well as working environment to Customers, Cleaners and Partners (or Customers in general), bTaskee always listens to Customers’ feedback and responses. bTaskee is responsible for approaching complaints and supporting Customers in issues that are related to the supply and usage of bTaskee’s On-demand home cleaning service application. bTaskee Company Ltd. resolves all problems by itself under regulations of law, as well as terms and usage conditions which are already listed on the company’s official website.

I. Principles for resolving complaints and disputes

bTaskee Company Ltd. seriously abides by law and regulations from the government to protect Customer privileges. Accordingly, all acts of fraud and harm in the business must be punishable by law.

Once there is any conflict or complaint, it will be resolved following the premise of negotiations and mutually agreeable resolutions. In cases of more serious problems, either party may submit an application to the competent authorities for dispute settlement.

Customers have the responsibility in resolving conflicts actively and provide the details for further process. Importantly, bTaskee Company Ltd. will only play the role of assisting in resolving complaints between parties. Moreover, bTaskee will be responsible for handing over all relevant documents which act as an evidence to deal with conflicts and disputes at the request of competent authorities.

bTaskee will also resolve conflicts and complaints that arise during the customers’ experience on bTaskee’s system only, including those related to the cleaning tasks on the application.

II. Process of resolving issues

bTaskee will resolve problems based on the following process:

  • Usual issues Usual issues are those related to the supply and usage of bTaskee’s On-demand home cleaning service application.
  • Serious issues are those affecting the Company’s business and reputation.

Step 1: Receiving issue information

Customers will inform bTaskee’s Customer Support about the complaints and disputes via email support@btaskee.com in order to provide all relevant information as well as specific evidences for better resolutions. (Note: The email content should be noted with specific issue information, time and attached with related evidence, such as images or videos from the security camera (if any)).

Step 2: Confirming information

bTaskee will investigate and confirm complaints, and then respond the concerned parties as well as request for more information within 2 business days of receiving complaints (excluding weekends and public holidays). Customers please accept all incoming calls from bTaskee. The Customer Support will actively inspect and resolve issues within the company’s scope of authority.

Step 3: Considering complaint settlement

Within the next 3 business days after receiving the full information about the incident, bTaskee will start working with the related parties to identify the issue, assess the value of the damaged property and inform the customer of the final decision.

For complaints related to Laundry service, the compensation amount for each case will not exceed 10 times the service price of that item, and the maximum compensation amount is about 1,000.000VND. For other services, the compensation amount for each case will not exceed 5.000.000VND. bTaskee always tends to resolve issues based on the basis of negotiations, analytics and mutually agreeable resolutions.

In case of serious problems or complaints that cannot be resolved, the complainants (Customers, Cleaners, Partners) will submit the application to competent authorities and bTaskee will assist the government in providing documents and information of related parties. Besides, if problems are related to the breach of the Code of Conduct that Cleaners and Partners have signed, bTaskee will apply appropriate treatment measures.

For related parties, during the solving process, parties are requested not to publicly publish any information about complaints or related issue on the media as well as social networking sites.

The time to fully resolve conflicts, complaints and disputes:

  • Parties have to inform problems within 3 days starting from the day of the task being done. If it exceeds that time, bTaskee has the right to refuse resolving problems (excluding weekends and public holidays).
  • The maximum time to resolve usual issues is 20 days starting from the day bTaskee receives complaints (excluding weekends and public holidays).
  • The maximum time to resolve serious issues is 2 months starting from the day bTaskee receives complaints (excluding weekends and public holidays).

*Notice: Exceeding 3 days after bTaskee receives offficial complaint report, if bTaskee fails to get in contact with the complaint sender ( Customer, Tasker, Service Provider), we holds the rights to refuse further handling the complaint through a notification email.

Step 4: Finishing complaints

All the related documents and information will be saved and the case closes.

Thank you for your feedback on the services. This greatly contributes to developing and enhancing service performance. Thank you again for trusting and using bTaskee’s On-demand home cleaning service app.

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