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Earn points by using bTaskee services and enjoy great deals!


Earn points after each task booking

For every 10,000 VND you paid for bTaskee’s services, you will have points accumulated following your membership tier.

Earn points to unlock special offers

You can earn points and receive exclusive rewards at each membership tier whether it’s your first time booking or continuation of your schedule.


How long to earn points?

Use bTaskee regularly to increase rank faster and “hunt” lots of attractive deals. You should pay attention to the process of accumulating bTaskee points below to be able to exchange the valid points before they expire.
*You will have to accumulate ranking points from the beginning every time a new period starts. However, your points are still valid until the end of the next period.

How do I redeem bPoints ?

Amazing exclusive offers with bRewards.

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Step 1

Open bTaskee app, choose “Account” and choose bRewards.


Step 2

Choose special offers available from the list or promotions from bTaskee


Step 3

Choose the promotion and "Redeem gifts"


bTaskee Rewards (bRewards) is a loyalty program specially designed for customers using home services on bTaskee application. The accumulated bPoints can be converted to redeem rewards from bTaskee on the next task bookings or other promotions from bTaskee’s partners.

Each 10,000 vnd spent on bTaskee application equals to 1 reward bPoint.
According to the current status of each customer’s membership, the account will be applied a different multiplier factor in order to accumulate reward bPoint faster.

bRewards has 4 levels:

  • Member: > 0
  • Silver: > 200
  • Gold: > 600
  • Platinum: > 3000

Your membership ranking will be adjusted when your account reach a certain level. Regarding different member ranking, you will get to enjoy privileges or special bonuses for customers categorized in that ranking.

bTaskee will start applying reward bPoints on the history transaction of customer from 01st July 2019.

bRewards program is applied equally for all services on bTaskee. Accumulated bPoint rewards used for membership rankings are the same.

Yes ! However, your accumulated bPoints will be calculated on the expense of using services and not including deducted amount on the task.

For example: When you book a home cleaning service for 03 hours with the price of 180 000 vnd and get 30 000 discount, your accumulated bPoints will be based on final price 180,000- 30,000=150,000.

In order to redeem bPoints to bRewards, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open bTaskee app, choose “Account” and choose “bRewards”
  • Step 2: Choose from the list of special rewards and click “Redeem reward”
  • Step 3: Confirm this reward redemption by choosing “Yes”

Accumulated reward bPoints will be erased after the redemption. You can choose to accumulate bPoints throughout an extended period for more valuable rewards. However, bTaskee recommends that you should check regularly and redeem your bBPoints before they expire.

You can open bTaskee and choose bRewards on “Account”. The application will display all information of membership ranking, current reward bPoints and their expiry dates.

Your membership ranking will be updated when you did not accumulate enough required reward bPoints to maintain the current ranking. When your ranking is changed, then you can only receive special rewards belonged in that ranking level.

The application is currently deployed in Vietnam Thailand Indonesia


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