At bTaskee, our partners are hard-working and passionate about their work because they can earn a better and stable income.
Many of our cleaners love the profession and they enjoy working with bTaskee! We want to share some of the stories they have to say about bTaskee.

Maid story


I have been working for bTaskee for a year now; it is fun to receive a 5 star rating from a customer with positive comments. It is the motivation that keep me doing a good job and to help the customers's family with their housework.


I am feeling very delighted now. I've finished my job at Vinhome Central Park this afternoon. The customer personally handed in the money to me and said thank you! I feel the value of my work has just doubled. Because, during my working time, that kind customer always reminded me to drink some water, to take a break... My customer is so great !!!


My secret is not only clean up customer’s house properly, but also for the customers who'd choose me regularly, I always bring some fresh flowers to decorate their livingroom on the first days of the week.

Ms.Linh Thi

I got sick in previous days and could not go to work. Today, I went to work to make up for a customer. When I arrived, the customer asked about my health and reminded me to take care of myself. She also gave me 2 tablets of Vitamin C, told me to drink plenty of water and all of those things touched me so deeply. How lovely the married couple are ! Every day I go to work, when I accomplish my job and about to go home, both the wife and husband are standing at a main door to see me off with smiles grow on their face and they never forget to say “Thank you very much!”.


My working time at bTaskee is flexible. When I am in a good health, I can accept the jobs and go to work. When I am ill or busy, I can take a break and do not have to take the jobs. Such, I have time for my family and for myself.


At work, we are host - maid. Apart from work, we are friends.


I knew bTaskee from a flyer. At that time, I stayed at home and take care of my family. I had a lot of free time, so I signed up. Since joining, I can choose my own schedule to work and clean during my free time. The extra income helps me to enjoy life.


Before, I worked as an in-house maid. Although it was easier because I only had to stay in one place, it took up all my time. I had to be there the whole time. With bTaskee, I can choose my own schedule and my income is higher as well.

Sincerely thanks to our amazing maids

bTaskee believes in improving and rewarding quality work. In Vietnam, measures of quality are difficult to asset, and that is why bTaskee strives to maintain a high level of quality for all sides of the marketplace. As a link to connect customers and home cleaning providers, we prioritize the best customers and cleaners in our system. By rewarding our best maids and cleaners, we can ensure that the customer has a better chance of having a great experience.