• Perform inspection; collect and analyze data, results; identify trends and details in search campaigns.
  • Monitor, report and evaluate website status; provide ideas and solutions to maintain and increase rankings.
  • Manage SEO expenses, based on budget; estimate monthly costs to achieve maximum ROI from SEO.
  • Optimize landing pages on search engines.
  • Perform diagnosis, development and optimization of keywords, related to service topics.
  • Research and analyze advertising links of competitors.
  • Develop and implement a link-building strategy.
  • Regularly update algorithms on Search Engine, new source codes to stay proactive in SEO; adjust website when needed.
  • Working with Content team to edit, create content; being able to fulfil SEO standards.
  • Propose changes, adjustments of the website, content, links and other factors to improve SEO position for target keywords.


  • Have 2 years working experience of SEO.
  • Insights on attracting and converting customers online.
  • Proficient in web analytics tools (eg Google Analytics, GTmetrics, WebTrends), SEO tools (Screamfrog, GSA, Ahrefs …)
  • Experience in A / B testing and multivariate testing.
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of ranking factors and search engine algorithms.
  • Self-update frequently on the latest trends and best practices on SEO + SEM.
  • Candidates with experience in SEM and related qualifications from Google, Bing, and Facebook are prioritized.


  • Salary can be negotiated based on the personal capability
  • Full insurance under the Labor Law
  • 13th salary payment
  • Teambuilding and annual company trip

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