bTaskers and Traditional Cleaner – What is the difference?

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If there is one thing bTaskee should be proud of over our past 4 years in existence, it is the fact that among the 100000+ customers we have served, over 97% are satisfied with the services they received. And the people who contributed enormously to our success are none other than bTaskers —  our dedicated and hard-working house cleaners.

Do you ever wonder how bTaskers can achieve such high expectations among customers? Or what qualities make them superior to traditional cleaners? This post will provide you with the answer to these questions.

But first, let me walk you through some basic definitions.

Who are traditional cleaners? In Vietnam, traditional cleaners are people who work under a contract and receive monthly payment for taking care of household duties. They often live with the host.

Who are bTaskers? Those are the housecleaners who have gone through a rigorous recruiting process by bTaskee before taking cleaning tasks on the company’s app.

The work duties of traditional house cleaners and bTaskers are similar in nature. They both help the host to relieve the burden of domestic tasks such as cleaning, shopping and cooking on a daily basis. However, there are many differences in the way they offer the services.

The differences between traditional house cleaners and bTaskers

1. Formality

Traditional cleaner

  • Hiring process: The task of finding a suitable cleaner lasts for at least one day. Thus, the host’s home cleaning needs may not be met immediately.
  • Cleaning tools: Traditional cleaners don’t prepare the cleaning tools themselves. They make do with whatever equipment they find in the house.
  • Quality rate: If not pleased with the service, the host will have to complain to the cleaner directly. When being told off or shouted at by the host, the housemaid may not admit their fault and harbor resentment.


  • Hiring process: All the customer needs to do is to choose the service on bTaskee app, fill in required information and wait for the suitable maid to accept the job. The best part is they don’t have to wait long since most bookings are confirmed in less than 60 minutes
  • Cleaning tools: bTaskers can prepare their own tools when requested by the customer. The hosts don’t have to prepare any extra equipment for their house to be properly cleaned.
  • Quality rate: The customer will rate the service of bTasker by the number of the stars on the app. The rating will help bTasker improve their performance in the future.

2. Service quality 

Traditional housecleaner

  • Responsibility: Traditional cleaner are not bound by any time limit. Thus, they may procrastinate or delay while performing daily home cleaning tasks.
  • Skill: Traditional cleaner may or may not have previous cleaning experience. The customer can’t assess the quality of the maid before hiring them. This may give rise to many risks and problems in the future.
  • Attitude: Attitude is an issue that you often have when hiring traditional cleaner. The cleaner may behave poorly or talk back to customers who complain about their work.


  • Responsibility: bTaskers have to work more productively to complete the task within the set amount of time. Some continue to work after the due time without extra pay to finish the required task. Others even do extra work for the customer when their time hasn’t run out.
  • Skill: All bTaskers are professionally trained and their technical skills are assessed carefully by the instructors. They also work hard every day to update their cleaning knowledge and practices. And because bTaskers perform the household duties according to a procedure, they tend to work faster and more effectively than traditional cleaners.
  • Attitude: bTaskers are trained to have positive attitudes. When problems arise, they know how to communicate effectively with the customers to avoid possible misunderstanding or conflicts.

3. Risk and insurance

Traditional housecleaner 

  • Risk: The host will take full responsibility for the poor quality of the service or any conflict they may have with the maid.
  • Insurance: Both customers and housecleaners are not insured against risks. They must take responsibility for any loss or damage that incurs.


  • Risk: There won’t be any conflict arising from the difference in lifestyle between bTaskers and the customer. Because they only come to work at the customer’s request and then leave. If the customers are not happy with the service quality, they may change the housemaid in the next booking. They can also prioritize a certain maid for the task.
  • Insurance: bTaskee offers insurance policy for both customers and housecleaner. Our company also helps to solve any conflict that arises between both parties.


In this post, I have explained all the features that set bTaskers apart from traditional house cleaners. The biggest difference comes from the fact that all bTaskers are professionally trained to provide the highest quality service for the customers. They are also more flexible in working hours, especially during holidays compared to the traditional cleaner. When a conflict arises, you don’t have to solve it yourself but receive help from the bTaskee customer service. These are what make bTaskee a perfect choice for your home cleaning needs. If you want to learn more about the services that we provide, visit our website at this link:

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