Top 4 reasons to choose bTaskee home cleaning app

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Home cleaning services have been around for centuries, but app-based home cleaning services are only a recent invention. Despite their new existence, home cleaning apps have gained enormous popularity in modern households.

Among the many on-demand home cleaning apps in Vietnam is bTaskee, a pioneer to applying technology to cleaning tasks. Established in 2016, bTaskee aims to release the domestic burden for the modern-age women who take on more responsibility outside their homes than ever before. Over the years, bTaskee never stops trying to deliver the best home cleaning service to our customers.

Here are the top 5 things that define our top-notch customer service:

Quick and convenient service

The biggest perk of bTaskee home cleaning app comes from the ease of use and lightning-quick service. If the procedure of hiring a house cleaner from an agency takes days to complete, booking a cleaner via bTaskee app is only seconds away. After downloading the app on App Store or Google Play, you can make your first booking instantly. Within the next hour of your booking, a house cleaner will confirm the task and come to work on the agreed time.


Professional house cleaners

At bTaskee, we only recruit cleaners who have at least one year experience in home cleaning. So you can be assured that your domestic tasks are handled by the professionals.

After the interview, the candidates must complete theoretical and practical tests to prove their suitability for the task. Only those who meet all of our requirements are qualified to become bTaskee house cleaners. In addition to technical skills, our bTaskers are trained to have positive attitudes. As a result, they know how to communicate effectively to avoid misunderstanding or conflicts with the customer.

After the house cleaner has completed domestic tasks, you can assess their performance through the number of stars on the app. Based on your rating, our cleaners can adjust themselves to deliver better performance in the future.


Well-established reputation 

Among 150.000 customers we have served over the past 4 years, more than 97% are satisfied with the service they receive. Here are our customers’ feedback in their own words:

“I have booked the services many times and all the cleaners did their job very well. When I have to cancel my bookings before 12 hours, bTaskee also refund my money in full”. —  Nguyen Vu Phuong Thao.

“Quick and convenient service. I have booked house cleaners on the app a few times. They were all very hard-working, professional and showed good attitudes. I wish I’d known it sooner” —  Tran Nguyen

Excellent customer support 

bTaskee is ready to support you around the clock. With our call center operating 7 days per week from 8 a.m to 6 p.m, we can answer all of your requests including service consulting, rebooking of the task and cleaning time.

We also have a professional team to take care of customer complaints. If you experience any dissatisfaction while using the service such as poor quality of work or bad attitude by the house cleaner, don’t hesitate to contact via our hotline to receive immediate support.


In most cases, we will contact the cleaner on your behalf and remind them to work more effectively in the future. If the house cleaner refuses to change, we will have to apply punishment or end the contract with them.

The application is currently deployed in Vietnam Thailand Indonesia


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