How to make housework less of a nightmare?

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After a long day at work, it would be a dream to get back home and stretch your legs on the comfy sofa. Unfortunately, with a messy apartment, this dream is far from being realized. The image of uncleaned dishes, dirty clothes hanging everywhere in the house, scattered toys on the floor is enough to deter you from going home. It is a nightmare called housework.

What makes a day-to-day routine like house chores such a nightmare for many women? Is there any way to end this burden and enjoy your life again? Let’s find out.

What makes housework a living nightmare?

You have to do the same boring tasks daily

After work, you just want to get footloose and fancy-free, cook your family a special meal, spend time with your kids and help them with their homework. But most of these plans are put off due to the mountain of housework awaiting you at home.

Domestic tasks have become some kind of a nightmarish routine. Something you must do daily no matter how tired, bored and frustrated you are. By the time you finish, it’s already too late for anything else. You go to bed in a zombie-like state only to get back to work tomorrow. It feels like you’re living in a loop of house chores and work. There’s no room for recreation and joy.


It steals your weekend

If you can’t do housework daily, you’ll have to sacrifice your precious Sunday for all the chores accumulated over the week.

Weekends are the time to wind down and recharge the battery. But instead of engaging in activities that help you relax, you have to tackle the tedious house chores —  cleaning, dusting, shopping, and organizing. This might result in serious burnouts which affect both your work and personal life.


It’s not easy to split the house chores

Although gender inequality has disappeared in most aspects of life, it’s still widely believed that women must be mainly responsible for domestic work. Even breadwinning females are expected to take the bulk of the household responsibility.

Thus, it’s a common sight to see a husband stretching legs on the sofa, watching TV while his wife is laboring away with the house chores. After a long day at work, she must carry out a wide range of domestic tasks such as cleaning, washing the dishes, folding clothes, caring for the kids, etc. all by herself.

And it’s not easy to ask their partner for help. Most husbands will just make excuses to avoid housework. Some of them even believe women are “more skilled” at cleaning tasks, therefore should be responsible for the most of it. Not to mention many cases where the husband is too clumsy at domestic work, the wife must take care of the chores herself to protect household properties.

It hurts your marriage

Many wives want their husbands to share the burden of house chores. But in simple tasks like cleaning the table, playing with the kids or taking out the trash, the husband rarely lends a helping hand. Despite much nagging and pestering, the husband always finds his way to escape the household duties. This is the root cause for many unhappy marriages.

There’s even a study to back this up. According to a scientist at Stockholm University, unequal distribution of housework is among the top reasons leading to divorces. The wives tend to get “bored” of husbands who refuse to share domestic tasks with them. In some cases, the husband is convinced he takes an equal share of housework while the wife believes she does more. This also results in conflicts and eventually splits of many couples.


It takes away time with your kids. 

If you work at a 9-5 job, chances are you don’t have much time for your kids. So it’s natural that you want more time with them in the evening, to take them outdoors, ask them about what happens during the day, and help them with the homework. But this isn’t possible due to the enormous amount of domestic chores to take care of.

By the time the work is done, you’re already too tired to pay your kids any attention. This may lead to a loosening tie between you and your children. The child himself may also spend more time before the screens (watch TV or play games on Ipad) when you’re not around. This can have a negative impact on both their mental and physical health.


You’re not good at it. 

House chores can be a burden if you’re not any good at it. You can be very efficient at work but at the same time clumsy at the domestic tasks. Even if you try hard, the result doesn’t change. It’s simply impossible to fulfil the role of a “home-maker” all by yourself.


Is there a way to end this nightmare?

Yes, there is and you might have heard of it before: Home cleaning service. No, I’m not talking about hiring a housecleaner through a cleaning service company. I’m talking about booking cleaning tasks via an app and have a housecleaner to take care of all the housework during your chosen time. Not sure how you can benefit from it? Here are the top reasons you should book an app-based home cleaning service.


Easily book and manage tasks on app

The installation of the app is easy enough. Just go on App Store or Google Play and download a home cleaning app of your desire. Then spend a few seconds choosing the service, filling in your information and extra needs. After you’ve made your booking, the cleaner will accept it in around 60 minutes. A much quicker and cheaper way to get your place cleaned up than hiring a traditional housemaid via an agency.

Apply for a cleaning subscription

Another benefit of an app-based home cleaning service is that it offers you a subscription plan. This means you can make your bookings once and use them for the entire month. You can also arrange a fixed schedule according to your availability. After experiencing the service a few times, you might even want to prioritise certain cleaners who you believe are doing their work well.

Free your mind of all the house chores

With a home-cleaning service, you never have to worry about the cleaning tasks again. You can enjoy peace of mind upon returning home. There will be no more conflicts due to assigning housework, no more whinings at your husband if he doesn’t do the chores. You can have more free time for your kids. The convenience of booking cleaning service via an app will breathe an air of comfort and happiness to your family.

Have more time for yourself

Sometimes life can get so busy that you forget to take good care of yourself. Lack of self-care can adversely affect your mood and productivity at work. If you don’t have time for your own interests, you won’t feel very happy or satisfied with your life, which may result in you underperforming at work.

When having a housecleaner to take care of the household duties, you can free up more time for things that bring energy to your life. You may want to go to a live concert, see a movie, hang out with friends, or go shopping. You can also spend the extra time developing a new skill such as painting or learning the guitar. Instead of getting stuck in the rut of domestic tasks day by day, you can actually have fun doing what you love.

Have your work handled by the professional hands

Finally, when booking from a home cleaning app, you can be assured your domestic tasks are in good hands. All the housecleaners registered on such apps must go through rigorous recruiting and training procedures. In addition to previous experience in the cleaning industry, they have to complete theoretical and practical tests to see if they are suitable for the job.

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