Nguyen Thi Kim Phuong, a hard-working bTasker at bTaskee

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Indeed, when it comes to bTaskee’s success today, the biggest contribution goes to the hardworking bTaskers of bTaskee. However, their diligence and hard work have built the foundation for bTaskee quality of services that makes more than 97% of customers happy. bTaskee knows that they have put a lot of effort into this profession of “have to please everyone”. bTaskee wants to know more about their life and techniques that helped them succeed in this job, and how they could gain the customers’ trust and love so much.

To better clarify those questions, bTaskee held a small interview with one of bTasker sisters who joined bTaskee for a long time Nguyen Thi Kim Phuong, aka Mrs.Phuong has been together with bTaskee for 2 years from July 2018 to the present.

bTaskee met with Mrs. Phuong one morning at a coffee shop near her house in Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh City. The surrounding where we sat was quite noisy with the usual heavy traffic of the city. However, that little trouble did not stop bTaskee from getting to know more about Mrs Phuong in particular and our bTasker community in general.

At the beginning of the talk, we learned about her personal information and situation first.


How did you know about bTaskee? What was the situation back then?

“I have a friend who previously worked for bTaskee

At that time, I was looking for a new job. Because I had small children, I would have no time to take care of them if I work in an 8-hour office shift. And my children had autism so they were difficult, just like taking care of 3 normal children at a time.

So, my friend introduced me to this job and I also did a little search around.

Knowing that we could take the initiative in our time, and we can accept task whether if we have free time. So, I feel very comfortable and relieved to hear that. When I finished, I could take care of my children easily. ”

Did you encounter any difficulties within the first days of joining bTaskee?

“Yes, many, to be honest.

When I first started working, I felt a little scared because my phone was not very modern. I did not know many roads or streets. I remembered the first time I went to work, I accepted a task on street Yen The. But I did not know the way, but I decided to accept it and ask people for directions. Later, I found out the address was all the way in the airport.

At that time, it was a 2-hour shift which costed only VND 100,000 since the service is still quite new to people.I remembered I anxiously set aside an hour to travel from home to the house. I needed to find the way around on time so that the customers did not have to wait.

Later on, I got used to the job, I learnt a lot about streets so my transportation timing has been improved a lot.”

Do you find it difficult dealing with bTaskkee’s training processes?

“In general, I was not even used to my phone yet. We learned all the required skills through the app and also watched related videos on Youtube. Then we needed to take a theory test directly on the application. We did not know many functions at first, but gradually we got better at it. I studied theory and practiced at home, so I learned fast. I used the knowledge learned and tried it on my house first. It gained me hands-on experiences and helped me memorize longer. The trial test at bTaskee or the trial task at that time gave me a hard time since I was nervous. I worked extremely hard with all the things I learned at home. The more I worked the more confident I became.”

We continued to dig deeper into the life of a bTasker


After working at bTaskee, do you sense any change within you? In the positive and negative direction?

“In general, this job also depends on each person. Many think this is such an inferior job. However, the prejudice of this profession is different at current times with the valuable help of modern technology. I became more and more self-confident with this job. After all,some people still despise this job, but a lot of my customers are very respectful towards me and my work. Because thanks to us, customers are free from housework,thus they have a lot of time for other concerns; their house is always clean and tidy. ”

Do you feel satisfied with bTaskee’s management of bTaskers?

“In my opinion, the company manages the staff very strictly. Sometimes we feel a little uncomfortable. Beside good things, there are also many things that I am not a fan of. For example, the application is locked whenever the reviews are bad. There are times when our account got locked, we got very emotional since we were unsure why we were not allowed to accept new tasks. When customers did not leave a good review on our app and it was locked immediately without knowing anything, we had to call the company to find out, then explained the full story from our side. Only then, we would be considered to re-open the app. I think the fact that the company locking the app right away was not problematic because it keeps the same bTasker from accepting more tasks and repeating their mistakes. However, the company did not contact us first to ask about the incident, but we had to call the hotline to tell our story. It makes us a bit sad due to the lack of care from the company.

Although the regulations are quite strict, I understand that the company only wants us to become more qualified and professional. A good working routine and framework will make customers more satisfied. I believe rules and penalties will help filter good bTaskers and help them improve with time. ”

Do you often replenish your skills in your spare time? Where do you usually learn from?

“Yes I do, the better my skills are, the higher number of customers choose to make schedules with me and thus the more income I earn. I often read on information in the community group at lunch or dinner breaks. Some bTaskers share their experiences with each other. I learned valuable things from others. In addition, since I am a woman so I like to do housework and cooking. I usually check the recipes and cleaning tips online to study. There are also helpful tips on the app. I often learn new and effective skills, then I use them for the job.

I admit I am very afraid of ironing. I would not dare to take any iron task from customers in case I might disappoint them. But since I cannot avoid it forever, I decided to adapt and step forward my fear. I started small from identifying fabric types and how to iron first. Through that, I was able to gain more confidence. ”

During the working period, you must have met many difficult customers. Do you have any secret to achieve satisfaction from customers?

“Many circumstances arose with different types of customers, pleasant and unpleasant ones. I decided to follow my instinct and improvise at work. I just need to meet the customer’s demand and to not do as I wish. I shall do whatever the customer wants me to.

Besides, when I get a task, I often have to remember the customer’s information clearly.I need to check the details of the work required to see if it fit me or not. If the task is ok , I confirm to accept it. But if I accepted it accidentally and didn’t know how to do it, the customer would not be satisfied with my performance. I am not skilled in ironing so I am afraid of burning and damaging clothes. So I made sure to carefully review the work needed beforehand, no ironing included. I have to know my own strength and acknowledge my weakness. ”

From your point of view, what will make customers happy about bTaskers?

“This depends on each bTasker.They have their unique charm to make the customers happy. Regarding this job, we must be good at work first. Perform your task well and the customers will be satisfied. Secondly, the work attitude follows. If one is responsible, and hard working, it will be a big advantage. I must bear the responsibility to be on time and finish all designated work. When I ran out of time, I stayed for about 15-20 minutes to help the customer finish up. One more thing, we have to communicate well with customers. From the beginning, you have to greet them cheerfully and at the same time communicate politely in the working process. Finally, I have to properly say farewell to them and leave. I like to socialize so many customers are fond of me. They talk and share a lot of matters with me. A sincere thankyou or a glass of water from the customer when I finish work would make my day. ”


During the conversation, she often checked the notifications ringing in the phone. It has become her habit and other bTaskers’ as well. She was checking to see if the new task suitable for her? She said:

“Recently, there have been fewer tasks after the epidemic, so we often watched the phone to accept task. But the other bTaskers are so quick, I didn’t stand a chance to read carefully the task,yet a recipient was confirmed. ”

Our conversation came to the end around noon, it was also time for lunch. We had to say goodbye to her so that she could leave to take care of her children. Despite being just a short interview, it helped us to better understand her and her own feelings about this profession. She agreed it really gave her many benefits. Through this meeting, we learnt to understand how hardworking our bTaskers had to conquer from customers. They must have made extreme efforts to maintain and improve the quality of bTaskee service. We would like to send a warmest thank you to every bTasker who has always been striving and supporting bTaskee for the past 4 years.

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