How bTaskee protects you from domestic theft

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Hiring a cleaner can bring more freedom and convenience to your daily routine but also comes with a lot of risks. One of the biggest risks is stealing. Everywhere around the country, the problem is prevalent and getting out of hand.

However, booking from a reliable cleaning service like bTaskee can help to reduce your risk of being stolen from the cleaner. Over the past 4 years in operations, bTaskee has been very efficient in controlling the problem. In 2019, the incidents of domestic theft made up only 5% of the total jobs done with more than half coming from misunderstanding between bTaskers and customers.

Why is bTaskee so successful in preventing the problem of domestic stealing? What else can you do to protect your properties when hiring a cleaner and what to do once the incident happens? Let’s find out in this post.

Domestic stealing is widespread problem

The problem of cleaners stealing from their host in Vietnam is widespread and hard to control. Almost anyone of any income ranges can be subjected to domestic theft.

Usually, lack of money is the driving force behind the illegal act of a house cleaner. But for some individuals, it wasn’t poverty to drive them to steal. They earn enough to support themselves but still want to take things from customers out of greediness. There are also cases where thieves disguise themselves as cleaners to come and work at yours house. After getting familiar with your routines, they’ll find opportunities to carry out the stealing.

Most domestic theft can be put down to the house owners’ lack of caution. They don’t do a background check on the person they’re going to hire or take any precautionary steps to mitigate theft. When they find out, it’s already too late. In most cases, the owner never gets their money or valuables back. They also don’t have enough evidence to report the criminals to the authority.

How bTaskee prevents cleaners from stealing

Domestic theft is widespread and difficult to control. However, booking from a professional cleaning service like bTaskee can reduce your risk of being stolen significantly.

At bTaskee, we place a great emphasis on recruiting procedure and supervision of house cleaners to minimize cases of domestic stealing.

All cleaners who wish to become bTaskee’s partners must provide documents such as national ID and certificate of conduct from local authorities to prove they don’t have any criminal records.

We always keep a close watch on our house cleaners. When receiving the customer’s report of loss objects, we’ll contact the bTasker right away to clarify the problem. If the cleaner is at fault, she will be subjected to a very heavy fine and get fired immediately. The punishment against stealing has also been discussed with the cleaner from the beginning to discourage her from conducting illegal acts.

Steps to take before accusing your cleaner of stealing

1. Look for your missing items

Don’t rush to the conclusion until you’ve looked in every nook and cranny of the house. There is a very good chance you have dropped or misplaced the missing item somewhere. While searching, pay close attention to places under the bed, at wall corners, inside your sofa or your car where lost objects are most likely to fall into.

2. Ask your family members

If you’ve conducted a thorough check around the house but still had no luck, ask your family members. One of them might have found the lost items but forgot to tell you about it. In case of losing money, be sure that you haven’t lent it to someone or spent it on something. Ask your spouse if in doubt; he or she may have a recollection of where you put the money.

3. Talk to your cleaner

When both you and your family members have no clue where the lost object goes, it’s time to talk to your cleaner. Remember to “talk” not “accuse” the cleaner of stealing. Don’t shout or force the cleaner to admit fault. You don’t know for sure yet. There’s still a chance that she is innocent and has nothing to do with the loss of your valuables. Even when the cleaner confesses she steals your things, never loses control and insults her. Leave it to the law to punish those who commit the crime.

4. Contact your cleaning service provider

If you can’t find your lost object or have evidence against the cleaner’s crime, contact your service provider immediately. A registered cleaning service will always attend to your complaints properly.

When you lose your valuables while using bTaskee home cleaning services, our staff will help you to talk to the cleaner. If we find out she has committed the theft, we’ll issue a heavy fine and end the contract with you. We’ll also assist you in recovering the lost items and compensate you accordingly if the object can’t be found.


While booking from a professional cleaning service like bTaskee can minimize the risk of domestic stealing, it’s worth taking some preventive steps by yourself. When the incident happens, never rush to the conclusion before conducting a thorough search around the house. Also, contact the service provider immediately as they can help you to speak to the cleaner and recover your loss.

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