4 practical tips to prevent house cleaners from stealing from you

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Nowadays, you can book from many home cleaning services to release yourself of the burden of domestic chores. However, the biggest risk from hiring a house cleaner is stealing. Whether you book from a cleaning app, online website or a third-party agency, the problem of domestic theft is inevitable. What are the root causes for this? And what are preventative steps you can take to counter this issue? Let’s find out in this post.

Reasons for house cleaners stealing from you


1. It is their inherent characteristics

Some cleaners are dishonest by nature. They steal from their customers even when they’ve earned enough to meet their basic needs. They may start small with groceries, foods, and supplies and then go for more expensive items like jewelries, clothes, etc. The sad truth is it often takes you a while to realize something is missing, by which time it’s already too late. There are also cases where members from a gang of thieves may pretend to be a house cleaner to come and work at your home. If not careful, you’ll easily fall prey to these criminals.

2. They don’t need to go through a background check

When hiring a cleaner through a third-party company, you don’t often pay attention to their background. You might not be aware of their dishonest and greedy nature. This provides an opportunity for potential thieves to get into your house. After living at your place for a while and gaining your trust, the criminals carry out their illegal behaviours. Some criminals are particularly dangerous. They are ready to threaten your lives when their acts are discovered.

3. You are off guard

Many domestic thefts happen when you place too much trust on your cleaners. You put cash and valuables within easy reach of the cleaner. Don’t check weekly spendings on groceries and home necessaries regularly. You also don’t have a conversation about the consequences from the start to scare her off stealing.

How to prevent your cleaner from stealing

1. Double-check the house cleaner’s background

When hiring a cleaner through a third-party company, be sure that they’ve done a background check on their employees. After you’ve chosen a cleaner for your household duties, check again their ID and certificate of conduct to make sure it matches the information given to you before by the job agency. In case of employing a cleaner who will be staying at your home, do register their accommodation at a local authority. This will discourage them from conducting any illegal acts.


2. Install CCTV cameras in the house

Another way to prevent indoors theft is to place CCTV in regular areas of your house. Sure, this may compromise your family’s privacy but if you want to protect your home properties, such a sacrifice will be worth it. But be sure to tell your house cleaner about the presence of CCTV cameras. Or you may risk violating privacy laws and regulations.


3. Keep your valuables and cash out of sight

No matter how many precautions you take, thieves always steal. It’s best to keep your precious items and cash out of sight. Put them in a safe if you can to prevent potential stealing. Moreover, try to keep an eye on your cleaner or cleaner from a domestic service while they are working. Don’t leave a house cleaner alone in the house unless you know them very well.


4. Hire from a registered domestic service provider.

Another important precautionary step is to book your cleaner from a registered domestic service provider. Any registered domestic service is required to do background checks on their employees. Thus, you can be assured that the cleaners are honest, reliable and do not have a criminal record. Because the cleaner only works at your home for a certain period of time and is not familiar with your daily routine, she is lessly to steal from you.

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bTaskee home cleaning service

One of the most reliable domestic services you can try is bTaskee. bTaskee is a home cleaning application which helps to release the burden of household chores for modern families. During the past 4 years in operations, our company has served over 150.000 customers with customer satisfaction rate exceeding 97%. Part of such success comes from the trust that bTaskee provides for the customers.

When using the bTaskee home cleaning app, you are guaranteed against any pilfering or stealing acts. This is because we always do a careful background on our candidates. All the house cleaners wishing to join bTaskee must provide documents such as national ID and certificate of conduct from local authorities to prove they have a good track record.

bTaskee house cleaners are hard-working individuals who want to earn extra income to sustain life. They appreciate this job and the benefits it brings. They’re also proud of being part of bTaskee family. It wouldn’t be in their nature to conduct illegal behaviors in the customer’s house.

Our heavy fines on stealing behaviors also deter the house cleaners from performing pilfering acts. While using bTaskee services, you are also insured against all risk. If you encounter any loss or damage at our fault, bTaskee will take full responsibility and compensate you accordingly.

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Domestic theft is common but it is mainly put down to your lack of caution before hiring a cleaner. However, by taking several precautionary measures such as installing CCTV cameras, reviewing the cleaner’s background carefully and locking away your valuables, you can lower the risk of indoors stealing. It is also worth booking a home cleaning service instead of hiring from an agency whose employee sources are not always reliable.

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