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Finish all household chores in no time

Available with 9 convenient services, bTaskee can help you handle all household tasks ranging from cleaning, shopping, laundry, cooking home meals to professional and highly specialized tasks such as air-conditioning cleaning, sofa/mattress cleaning and disinfection service. It only takes you 60 seconds to book a task, a bTasker will take care of your task right away.


Save time and effort to find helpers

Unlike traditional maids, bTaskee allows you and your bTasker to post and accept tasks directly on the app. It only takes 60 seconds to post a task and 1 hour later a ready bTasker will come to help finish the task. When using bTaskee, you will not have to worry about recruiting a maid, just stay at home and operate on the phone, all the rest are supported by bTaskee.

Chill in the perfect living space


Tidy living space

Tidy living space

Even if you don't have time, your home will always be clean and tidy thanks to our hardworking bTaskers.

Eliminate bacteria

Eliminate bacteria

Due to regular cleaning, the dirt and bacteria will not be able to stick on the surfaces any longer, helping to minimize the growth of pathogens.

Cozy family meals

Cozy family meals

bTaskee home cooking service will help you prepare the most delicious family meals despite your busy work schedule.

Clean Environment

Clean Environment

A perfect living space is impossible without a fresh atmosphere. Using bTaskee's regular cleaning service will get you there.

Spend more time for
yourself and with your family


With the help from bTaskers attending to the chores of the house, you will have more time to do the things you love and spend more time for yourself and your family. Family members can create more bonding moments and be happier together.

Worry-free about service fee.
best guarantee of service quality.

Customers will not need to hesitate and worry about fee and quality when using bTaskee home services.


Service fee is transparent

Fees are clearly displayed before you confirm booking the task. You do not have to pay any additional fees.


Guarantee best service quality

bTaskee values customers’ ratings so you can rest assured about the quality of service. Moreover, our customer support team is always available.

The application is currently deployed in Vietnam Thailand Indonesia


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right away

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