How to book “Cleaning with subscription” on bTaskee app

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bTaskee is the pioneer in developing a mobile app for Housecleaning service in Vietnam. The app allows customers to actively post a cleaning task that suits with their personal schedule. In the meantime, housemaids or partners can flexibly accept the task and contact customers. bTaskee provides Housecleaning service, Air-conditioner cleaning service, Laundry service and so on, to bring the convenience to customers

1. What are “Cleaning with subscription” and its benefits?

Here, customers can rate the quality of the housemaid on a scale from 1 to 5 after she completes a cleaning task. At the same time, if customers are satisfied with their housemaid, they can choose that housemaid as their favorite by selecting the heart symbol.

In order to ensure the convenience and top quality for customers, bTaskee offers “Cleaning with subscription” with 1 to 3-month package. Once customers book this service, the cleaning task will be then automatically updated on the system at least 2 days.

Choose “Cleaning with subscription” to experience “Book once, Use entire month” (Image: bTaskee)

Customers just need to book once and housemaid will come to work in the entire month. However, customers must have at least 03 favorite housemaids so bTaskee can arrange one of them to work for the subscrition. This will ensure customers having a good experience and top quality service. bTaskee will also assist customers in changing the date and time of the task in case of emergency. Besides, the system will help to change the service location as well when customers move (to where bTaskee could provide services). In particular, customers only need to pay once without any extra fees for the housemaid.

2. How to book “Cleaning with subscription” on bTaskee app?

In order to book “Cleaning with subscription”, customers can refer to these following steps:

Step 1: Choose “Cleaning with subscription” on the home page of bTaskee app

Choose “Cleaning with subscription” on the home page of bTaskee app (Image:

Step 2: Fill in the details of Address, House/ apartment no., Day and Time for subscription and Starting date. Customers will also have to estimate the total time for cleaning and describe the tasks that housemaids need to do. Next, choose the preferable package. Currently, bTaskee offers 03 options for customers: 1-month, 2-month and 3-month package.

Please check the information again to avoid errors and mistakes.

Fill in details of the task that housemaids need to do (Image:

Step 3: Choose the appropriate form of payment. Currently, bTaskee offers different forms of payment for “Cleaning with subscription” which are Visa/ Master Card, ATM, Internet Banking, MoMo and Direct Transfer.

For Visa/ Master Card, ATM, Internet Banking and MoMo, customers will directly make the payment on the app. Once the payment is completed, the system will immediately activate the house cleaning package and send a confirmation letter to customers’ registered emails.

For Direct Transfer, when choosing “Book now”, customers should check the task details twice before selecting “Payment”. At this time, the system will display the transfer information on the app. There will also be an email including the payment information and instruction sent to customers’ registered emails. The service package will be activated within 24 hours right after the transaction is completed. Importantly, the booking will expire after 03 days if customers have not paid the money. Direct Transfer may be extended if customers transfer the money outside office hours.

Check the task information and select “Payment” to make a Direct Transfer (Image:

For the cancellation of a paid package and refund. bTaskee supports 2 forms of refund as follows:

  1. Refund through bPay: bTaskee will refund the total amount of unused sessions.
  2. Refund via bank transfer: bTaskee will refund the total amount of unused sessions minus with 20% of the value of the original package.

If you have any questions or are unable to book “Cleaning with subscription”  on bTaskee app, please call 1900.636.736 for further assistance with the booking. bTaskee promises to bring the top quality service to customers and expand many other service utilities in the future.

The application is currently deployed in Vietnam Thailand Indonesia


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