bTaskee’s Gala in Ho Chi Minh City 2019

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Gala bTaskee® 2019 was recently held in Ho Chi Minh City on January 17, 2019. bTaskee would like to thank the participation of more than 300 excellent housemaids, partners as well as the presence of journalists and reporters from local newspapers and TV channels.

Let’s review some moments at Gala bTaskee® 2019 together!

Check-in area for Gala bTaskee® 2019 (Image: bTaskee)

The event was full of excitement and joy from the excellent partners of bTaskee. “This may be the first time we met, but we are a family when we put on the orange shirts together”.

Partners took a photo with each other at the Gala (Image: bTaskee)
Partner had a small talk and took a photo with bTaskee’s CEO (Image: bTaskee)
Partners first met each other and had a funny conversation (Image: bTaskee)
bTaskee rewarded Top 5 of excellent partners in 2018 (Image: bTaskee)
bTaskee rewarded the next 100 excellent partners in 2018 (Image: bTaskee)
Partners directly shared their thoughts with bTaskee’s CEO (Image: bTaskee)
Partners enjoyed the tea break and had a talk with each other (Image: bTaskee)
It seems like there was no border since partners freely talked to bTaskee’s CEO (Image: bTaskee)
The whole auditorium was excited with the lucky draw and broke down when they figured out what they got (Image: bTaskee)
The special gift must be drawn by someone special, let’s see who it is! (Image: bTaskee)
The owner of this special gift (Image: bTaskee)
bTaskee family took a photo with each other at Gala bTaskee® 2019 (Image: bTaskee)

The enthusiasm and solidarity of bTaskee were clearly shown throughout the event. bTaskee believes that this Gala would be a motivation for us to continue further development in 2019.
Let’s take a look at bTaskee’s activities in 2018 and welcome the new year full of hope and success. See you at Gala bTaskee® 2020!

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