Introducing to the New service package on bTaskee app: Deep cleaning

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In the past year, bTaskee did its best to upgrade the application as well as to enhance the services. The company has also constantly learned more about new utilities to bring the best home service experience to customers. And after more than 24 months of research and proceeding, bTaskee will officially launch a new service package – Deep cleaning service – in all cities where bTaskee currently operates in January 2019.

With the experience in technology and housecleaning, bTaskee believes that this new service package will be able to meet the requirements of users, and ensures to adopt 100% technology into the quality management process. Please update bTaskee app to start experiencing the Deep cleaning service.

1. What is Deep cleaning service?

Deep cleaning service is different from Usual house cleaning service since it is a service package with a variety of cleaning tasks within a large house area, and will handle the tough stains that Usual house cleaning service cannot solve.

The service package is suitable for large houses or apartments on special occasions. Regularly cleaning the living space will help the household items more durable, ensuring the house is always clean and saving both time and money.

Once a customer books a Deep cleaning service on the app, bTaskee’s partners will actively accept the tasks, contact customers and start cleaning all household items such as sofa, curtains, cabinets, shelves, etc. and all home spaces including living room, kitchen, bedrooms and toilets. The workflow will be clearly shown on the app allowing customers to keep a track of the cleaning process and your cleaning task will not take much time but still ensure top quality.

2. Benefits of using Deep cleaning service from bTaskee

Fast and convenient: It will only take 60 seconds to schedule a cleaning task on the app and customers do not have to prepare any cleaning tool. The partners will bring a full range of cleaning tools along.

Cost-efficient and time-saving: Deep cleaning service package will always provide enough cleaners coming when customers have a spacious house needed to be cleaned or are in need to prepare for Tet and other holidays. This will help customers saving much costs and time. Especially, customers do not have to pay any extra fee and spend a lot of time cleaning up as well as finding housemaids.

Transparency in price: The service price is reasonable and will be clearly displayed on the app, customers only need to pay the amount shown on the app and do not have to pay any other incurred cost.

3. How to book a Deep cleaning task on bTaskee app?

To book a Deep cleaning task, customers can refer to these following steps:

Step 1: Choose “Deep cleaning” on the home page of bTaskee app

Choose “Deep cleaning” on the home page on bTaskee app (Image:

Step 2: Fill in the details of Address, House/ apartment no., Date, House area, etc. For “House/ apartment no.”, customers should note down the accurate type of house and the house number for the convenience of partners.

Customers fill in the necessary information when booking a Deep cleaning task (Image:

In addition, for each type of house, the system will automatically suggest the appropriate cleaning area in “House area” section. Customers will then select the actual area that needs to be deep cleaned. At this step, customers can note down special requests for partners to follow while performing the cleaning task. Please have a check on the information to avoid errors or mistakes.

Customers should carefully read the information in the “House area” section (Image:

Step 3: Choose the appropriate form of payment. Currently, bTaskee offers 02 forms of payment which are Cash or bPay account.

Customers choose the appropriate form of payment (Image:

Step 4: Check the information and choose “Confirm & Done” to book the Deep cleaning service package on bTaskee app.

Check the information to confirm the schedule of Deep cleaning service (Image:

Note: After booking the task, customers still can change the date and time to be appropriate with personal schedule or cancel the task when there is no need to have the house cleaned.

Your living space will be quickly cleaned, especially during special occasions with the help of Deep cleaning service package from bTaskee. The service package is now available on the app. Let’s experience it right away! If you have any question about the service package, please send an email to or call 1900.636.736 for further support.

bTaskee Team.

The application is currently deployed in Vietnam Thailand Indonesia


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