11 fun summer date ideas to heat up your love life

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Summer is boiling hot but also offers many great summer date ideas. If you’re in a relationship, you might like a few more date ideas to spice up your relationship than eating pizzas or going to the movies. So here’s a list of romantic, fun, and silly bonding activities you could try with the love of your life this summer.

Outdoor activities for couples

1. Travel

One of the most exciting activities for couples is traveling. Visiting new places together is a good way to heat up your relationship. You don’t have to spend months planning for the trip. Pick any place where you can get away from it all and enjoy each other’s company. You could choose to explore a new city or a local attraction you haven’t visited. Either way, take advantage of this time to create great memories with your loved one.

Watch the sunset on the beach

2. Revisit your favorite date spots

Another date idea is to revisit the place where you’ve shared fond memories together. It could be the coffee shop where you hang out on the first date or the bench by the riverside where you watch the sunset together. Spending time at a memory-filled place can revive good old feelings and remind you both of your love for each partner. Plus, your partner may share something he’s never told you before while revisiting the past, which can really help to strengthen your romantic bonds.

Dating in romantic places

3. Go to a waterpark

If you seek relief from the heat while having fun with the love of your life, a water park is an excellent go-to. There’s a bunch of activities for couples to enjoy from water slides to splash pads, and lazy waters. If not a fan of adventure games, bathing in a swimming pool can sure take away some heat from the summer.

Typhoon Water Park in Ha Long (Source: afamily.vn)

4. Practice sports

Practicing sports not only helps you to stay fit but brings you closer to your loved ones. It’s also a good way to recharge the battery for your relationship. With a healthy body and mind, you both can invest more in the relationship. While immersing in the game, you can put aside all the troubles and enjoy the moment.

Go cycling in the sunset together

5. Go on a picnic

One of the most fantastic activities for couples to enjoy a day with your significant other is to go on a picnic. Prepare some light snacks and go to your local park. Then you can find a cool place to sit down and enjoy each other’s company for hours on end. An alternative is to go fishing. Going fishing is a huge stress reliever. It also helps to cool you off in boiling hot weather. Just make sure the place where you fish is allowed by the authority.

6. Chill in a coffee shop

One more date spot for couples are coffee shops or acoustic bars. What could be more romantic than resting in your other half’s arms while enjoying your favorite piece of music? All your daily stress will melt away to make room for love and emotional bonding.

Couple sitting together at bar

7. Volunteer together

Pick your favorite charity and spend the weekend doing something for other people. Engaging in meaningful social activities can bring you both closer. It’ll also make you more grateful for life and cherish each other’s presence.

Indoors activities for couples

8. Play board games

Playing board games is not a waste of time. It’s a great way to have some good laughs with your loved ones and deepen the relationship you are in. People tend to hold back and conceal part of them at the beginning of a relationship. Games can help them to loosen up and express their true self. It’s a good opportunity to learn more about your partner and strengthen your romantic bond.

Playing uno together

9. Create something

Another of those fun summer date ideas is to spend time together is to make up stuff. Create a DIY that signifies your love. Make some decorations on the wall. Plant a tree together. Besides sharing a good time together, you’ll have a sweet memory to look back on.

Create handmade stuffs to store memories

10. Watch a movie

Movies are fun to watch. It’s even more fun to watch them at home with your loved one. You can also escape the hassle of going to the theater. No more waiting in a long line for movie tickets or paying for overpriced popcorn and soft drinks. You can enjoy a relaxing, private time with the one you care about most. Plus, you can talk and laugh all the way without fear of bothering others.

11. Cook together

Do you know that cooking can improve your mood and make you feel better? Not only that you can breathe some fresh air into your relationship. If you’re bored of regular dates, why not ask you babe to pull up his sleeves and cook something with you? Bake a cake or make a whole dinner together. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Cooking delicious food with your lover

Part of maintaining a relationship is to come up with fun, romantic summer date ideas to interest and surprise each other. Have you tried any of the above to strengthen bonds with your loved one? If not, are you ready to try one today to spice up your relationship? Share with us in the comment below!

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