Recently, bTaskee met up with Startup Coffee from the National television channel – VTV1. The meeting revolves around the question “Should a Startup copy a successful model in the world? Which factors determine the success of a Startup?”. Eventually, the question will be answered in Startup Coffee broadcasted on the National television channel – VTV1.

1. What is bTaskee?

bTaskee is an On-demand house cleaning service app, which allows Customers to actively schedule a cleaning task, and Housemaids or Partners to directly accept the task on the app. bTaskee is similar to the model of Grab. And with the help of 4.0 technology, bTaskee aims to simplify the search for housemaids and modernize House cleaning industry.

Mr. Nathan – bTaskee’s CEO was having an interview with Startup Coffee VTV1 (Image: bTaskee)

2. Core values and factors that determine a Startup’s success

In response to the interview from Startup Coffee VTV1, Mr. Nathan Do – CEO of bTaskee said: “Every Startup, every service and profession has its own value. The core value of bTaskee is Quality and Convenience for Customers”.

When the business has a model that is suitable for the market, the business must find out the difficulties of Customers while using the service that the business is targeting. For bTaskee, along with the learning from similar models that have been successful in the world such as in the US and Canada, bTaskee has had a huge change to suit the culture and market in Vietnam. At first, when bTaskee was launched in the market, users still thought bTaskee was a housemaid brokerage company. And when housemaids joined in, they were unfamiliar with the new model of receiving tasks through a mobile application. After nearly three years, bTaskee has been present in major cities across the country such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang, with more than 3.500 selected Partners taking care of the house for more than 100.000 Customers with the satisfaction level reached 95%.

Partners at bTaskee will join in a bTaskee community. Here, they will be able to share stories, experiences or thoughts, feelings about their daily work. Since then, bTaskee will be able to take better care of Partners and provide the best working environment. Besides, to ensure the quality as well as convenience for Customers, bTaskee has tried its best to successfully buy the insurance package for Customers, helping Customers feel more secure while using the service.

Core value decides the path for bTaskee project – On-demand house cleaning service app (Image: bTaskee)

bTaskee always places faith in its core values, as well as the solution to the issue of supply and demand of the Housecleaning industry. bTaskee aims to develop and expand 8 more provinces across the country in 2019. Especially, bTaskee is going to improve the quality and standardize professional skills for Staff and Partners in order to meet the demand of Housecleaning market in Vietnam. And “Core values are the key to determine the survival of a Startup, core values will tell us what to do and how to have a further vision” – bTaskee’s CEO affirmed.

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