How to share house chores among family members?

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Modern women are no longer confined to the household. They are going out and working just as men do. But while men can put their feet up upon returning home from work, most women are tied down by domestic tasks. Asking their partner or children for help can be a challenge. They always come up with excuses to avoid doing unpaid work. In the end, the woman has to tackle the chores solo.

However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. With some effort in setting clearer rules and communication, you can get all family members involved in the domestic duties. This post will share with you 6 essential tips to share house chores equally at your home. So without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Why splitting housework is important

Splitting chores is also a way to maintain peace and harmony within your family. (Photo:

Unlike what most people think, doing house chores is hard. Vacuuming the floor, washing the dishes, cooking meals, folding clothes, cleaning the toilet,… Those tasks seem easy if done separately but if you do them every day from the moment you get home, it can be very demanding. You need help from other family members to get the tasks done without burning yourself out.

Splitting housework is also a way to maintain peace and harmony within your family. In a household where the wife has to labor away with house chores while the husband stretches his legs on the sofa, arguments are bound to happen often. On the other hand, in families where the husband is ready to lend a helping hand, there are fewer conflicts and thus the family’s happiness can be maintained.

If you have kids, involve them in the house chores. By participating in the running of the house, they learn to take care of themselves and not be too dependent on others for support.

6 tips to share house chores at home

1. Keep a list

A well-kept list will help every member to visualize what needs to be done (Photo:

The first thing to get your family involved in domestic work is to make a list. Take a piece of paper and write down all the chores that need to be done. Shop for groceries, cook meals, wash the dishes, vacuum the floor, take out the garbage, do the laundry, etc. List them all out for clarity.

After you’ve finished listing, decide what kind of task could be done daily or weekly. For example, cooking meals and washing dishes are daily duties while the laundry could be done once a week.

Making a list may seem obvious but it can transform the way chores are carried out in your family. A well-kept list will help every member to visualize what needs to be done and carry the tasks accordingly. It also makes sure no domestic task is left behind.

2. Assign task according to one’s strength

Let people do work according to their strength so that they don’t get discontented

While sharing housework, let family members work to their strengths. If your partner doesn’t like washing the dishes but enjoys cooking, let him cook. If your kids hate folding clothes, ask them to tidy up their room instead. The trick is not to force any task on anyone since it may cause stress and discontentment.

However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to mix things up. Be flexible and switch tasks among family members. This will avoid boredom and ensure a sense of equality.

3. Create a calendar

Create a calendar to make sure all the members have their part in the housework (Photo:

Now that you have a list and know who-do-what, everyone just starts “toiling”, right? Not yet, there’s one more thing to do. Set a time for the tasks to be carried out. Even when you make a list, everyone can still shirt responsibility and wait for someone to take care of the task.

To make sure all the members share part of the house chores, create a calendar. Print a digital calendar or make one your own. Then add time, task, and the name of the person responsible for it. Finally, pin the calendar to a visible place like a fridge or family board. Ask everyone to mark what they have done to make evaluation easier.

4. Give credits to their help

Show gratitude for the hard work of all the members (Photo:

At the weekend, carry out an evaluation of what each person has done to share the house chores. Praise whenever you can and show gratitude for the hard work of all the members. Prepare small gifts or take your family out for dinner when everyone does their job well. Remember recognition is key to keep people doing what you do.

Meanwhile, don’t feel guilty to hand out punishments to those who fail to complete the task. Ask the family member to pay small fines (if it’s your kid, cut their pocket money) or cook a meal to make up for their fault.

5. Support each other in domestic tasks

Support each other in the housework

Never criticize your family members when they have tried their best. If your partner or kids do a bad job, gently explain to them how it should be done. Offer them support when they need it. Don’t leave it all to them to handle a task they’re not familiar with.

Also, keep your expectations low. Don’t expect your family members to make porcelain shine and floor polished. Let the members do the chores their own ways. As long as everything is clean and tidy, don’t make work harder for them.

6. Outsource help

bTaskee house cleaner

Not every time family members are up to the task. You and your partner might be working on 9 – 5 jobs. Your kids are all busy with their studies. Then another option to keep your place tidy is to book a home cleaning service. Don’t feel guilty about getting help when you can afford it. Hiring a cleaning service can remove you from all the domestic burden to enjoy life again.

Many home-cleaning services make it very easy for you to book a task. Simply download an app, choose your service, and fill in the information. In less than one hour, the cleaner will confirm and come to work at your house.


Splitting chores is not hard. Simply follow these steps and you can get everyone involved in the house tasks. But if sharing housework isn’t possible, get help from outside. Don’t be afraid to take some weight off your shoulders.

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