bTaskee with Startup Funding Camp 2018

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In November 2018, bTaskee excellently won the first prize at Startup Funding Camp 2018 in Da Nang City. With the development of House cleaning service app, bTaskee gradually conquered the judges and received lots of support from more than 100 startups in Vietnam.

bTaskee was in the 2nd round of Startup Funding Camp on 19 November

Within more than a month of registration, Startup Funding Camp 2018 with the theme of “Jumping to 4.0” attracted around 100 Startups across Vietnam to participate. The competition is a professional and influential event within Vietnam and the region. In the service field, with the application of technology platform, bTaskee distinctively entered Consulting round of the competition with 15 other excellent teams.

House cleaning service app at the 2nd round of Startup Funding Camp 2018 (Image:

With the aim of using technology to change the face of House cleaning service in Vietnam, bTaskee along with its project successfully convinced the judges. Here, bTaskee was exposed to in-depth knowledge of capital calls, capital raising skills as well as ways to mobilize and use the capital effectively.

bTaskee received absolute support and went straight to the Finals on November 27, 2018

On 20 November, a discussion and evaluation from the experts for projects of 16 teams took place. Next, on 23 November, a Pitching showcase was held. All 16 startups had the opportunity to describe and persuade the judges to practice calling capital from leading investors all over the country. bTaskee, with House cleaning service app, continued to receive support from the council and be in the top 10 of excellent startups entering the Final round of the competition in Da Nang on 27 November.

bTaskee persuaded the judges at Startup Funding Camp 2018 (Image:

In Da Nang, all participating teams experienced 02 rounds within a day introducing start-up products and business plans. Then, the next round required them to call for capital investment, and persuade investors to agree on capital call conditions.

bTaskee excellently won the first prize of the competition on November 27, 2018

After several rounds with a series of solutions and business development strategies, bTaskee was chosen to become the Champion of the Startup Funding Camp 2018.

bTaskee excellently won the First prize of the competition in Da Nang on November 27, 2018 (Image: tuoitre)
bTaskee met with Prime Minister – Nguyen Xuan Phuc (Image:

bTaskee will participate in direct capital calling with international investment funds in Israel with the sponsorship of ALMA Company. Moreover, this will be an opportunity for bTaskee to exchange and learn experiences from successful technology startups in this country. This is an honor and also a motivation for bTaskee to have an effort to develop and expand the House cleaning service app within Vietnam and the region.

The application is currently deployed in Vietnam Thailand Indonesia


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