Elderly Care Service

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Dịch vụ chăm sóc người cao tuổi
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Dear Clients,

After years of hard labor, raising children to adulthood, the elderly require a lot of relaxation in the late afternoon. However, the elderly have health issues such as memory loss, painful limbs, impaired eyesight, and so on, which make walking, eating, and personal hygiene difficult. Furthermore, the bulk of city dwellers live in cramped quarters with tube dwellings, steep staircases, and cluttered furniture that conceals several threats.

Because their children and grandkids go to school and work during office hours in metropolitan areas, most older people are forced to stay at home alone, self-serving their personal requirements. When the elderly are healthy, these activities are unaffected, but when they are sick or the wind shifts, it is difficult for them to take care of themselves. Children and grandkids can provide support and assistance for a day or two, but in the long term, this will create a lot of difficulties at work and reduce the family’s overall revenue.

To address this issue, bTaskee, a company with decades of expertise cleaning houses by the hour, taking care of houses, and providing living facilities for city dwellers, has introduced a new service called Elderly Care.

This is a brand-new service that bTaskee proudly launches after years of planning and standardizing the aged care and assistance procedure. bTaskee recognizes that its clients are all busy with work and family obligations. They always care and want their loved ones, notably parents and grandparents, to be cared for with the utmost care and attention, regardless of how busy they are.

Booking an Elderly Care is straightforward for consumers who have utilized bTaskee’s Cleaning service or other home care services. Simply launch the bTaskee app and pick the Elderly Care service; fill in all relevant information (location, time, notes, etc.) and the system will begin looking for clients and collaborators. Customers no longer have to worry or wait because relatives at home have no one to look after and care for them when they have to leave on an unexpected business trip, have long meetings, etc.

With the use of technology, bTaskee will deliver for the first time in Vietnam’s Elderly Care industry clarity in pricing, flexibility in working hours, and profound compassion.

In the past, families had to spend a lot of money on brokers and intermediaries in order to locate senior carers. Not to add that it takes time to verify identification, offers a slew of perks to entice employees to stay, and does so passively when they freely leave without being replaced. As a result of these cumulative obstacles, a dangerous market sector has emerged, standing still as demand rises, necessitating a more deliberate approach.

All of those difficulties will be solved when bTaskee’s Elderly Care service arrives. Customers who want the service only need to go to the booking application and enter their information; the system will then look for and tell them of the precise compensation amount to be paid. Customers can utilize the service at any moment if it suits their income and the scenario they are in.

bTaskee can accommodate your demands for a half-day or a session, a complete week, or a whole month. Many families rejoice when they realize, “Unfortunately, today I am busy,” how can I find someone to assist my loved ones at home, while brokerage centers only provide long-term care packages at exorbitant, opaque pricing.

Many older individuals can now choose a single life since they don’t want to bother their children or relatives who live and work overseas. With a user-friendly interface for the aged and uncomplicated operation, the elderly may self-schedule for bTaskee’s collaborators to come when they feel their health is in jeopardy. Look for yourself. The elderly are no longer terrified of being alone or of having to go to a nursing home when they want assistance. With bTaskee’s elderly care service, she was able to spend her golden years pleasantly and slowly in her own home and familiar surroundings.

bTaskee’s collaborators are all experienced housewives and women who are adept at housework, so they bring the attitude of children and grandkids to work when caring for the elderly. Bring the elderly the most convenient and comfortable living possible.

The Elderly Care service is already available in Da Lat and will soon be available in other cities around the country.

How to pick Elderly Care service on bTaskee application:

 Step 1: Choose a service

Click on the “Elderly Care” icon to choose a service

 Step 2: Enter job details

Fill in the address, time of work and detailed description of what is needed. Pay special attention to the person receiving the care so that bTaskee has the best help.

 Step 3: Choose a time

Determine the care period so that the nanny can easily enter the job.

Step 4: Confirm and payment

Confirm the address, job details, time and payment method before posting the job.

Being in the presence of being near to the elderly is a gift that life bestows on us. They have life capital and experience that they are willing to share with anyone who needs it. If we care for an elderly person, whether it’s a parent, a grandmother, or someone we know, it’s easy to communicate our thanks and respect on a daily basis. By offering them with bTaskee’s Elderly Care service’s most compassionate, safe, and convenient living facilities.

Best Regards,



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