The Covid-19 has changed our world and the way we live in unprecedented ways, social distancing is essential.

In the midst of all, we are isolated, unable to connect in person with our loved ones. Millions are affected, including bTaskers.

Yet there is one powerful, simple way that we can be united and uplifted in deeply meaningful ways: through kindness. In July 2021, we created a humble fund called 5K to support our bTaskers to overcome this pandemic.

A lot of kindness was received from our dear customers, staff and partners.


Social distancing surely has hit a lot of bTaskers very hard. Concerning if the situation keeps lasting for a while, they would not survive.

Overcome with fear and anxiety, still they are forced to continue to live, without a hint nor a guide.

However, our bTaskers are really clever. They still tried to work, every task counts, from home cleaning to grocery assistant despite numerous restrictions they have never seen in their life.

Paying their little gratitude by queueing hours to bring the freshest grocery ever to their lovely customers, being isolated in a lockdown area, incapable of doing everything…

Lots of thanks, smiles and tears have been given….


Spirit of solidarity, so intrinsic to our Vietnamese culture. In daily life, people hardly pay attention to the presence of solidarity, however when the pandemic is raging, it reigns so brilliantly.

In the past few days, a lot of bTaskers said that they were feeling very happy because they received the support money in time, greatly uplifting their life and spirit. They are very proud because they are lucky to live and work in a warm and friendly place. Those warm feelings are all thanks to the efforts and patience of the sisters for a long time, working together to bring comfort and satisfaction to customers.

Almost all activities have ceased to operate in HCMC, but in other cities, there are still tasks posted and bTaskers work daily. Because they know that working well not only brings income to support their families, but also contributes 5K to the fund to support those in need. We support each other right now not only with words but also with practical actions, practical survival together. Not only that, but bTaskee’s customers, in addition to booking cleaning service, grocery assistants,…, also contribute to the 5K fund with their accumulated points on the app.

From small sparks across Vietnam, our community is igniting a big fire that lights up the hope of a bright tomorrow.

To express love and affection, sometimes words are not enough.

The heart icons are what go beyond words, beyond actions that 5K funds have received in the past. It is an expression of togetherness, willingness to face challenges together. We cannot know for sure when the epidemic will be reversed and life will return back to normal, but this is also the moment when we realize the future will be different.

We will move toward a difficult future, but now we will no longer feel alone. We will go together to overcome all difficulties and challenges ahead.

With teamwork any storm can be overcome! Our 5K fund will grow and go further not only at this time but also as a loving bridge for the whole community of domestic workers in Vietnam.

The application is currently deployed in Vietnam Thailand Indonesia


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