Outstanding features of bTaskee Laundry Service

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Housework always takes lots of time of women in a day, especially washing clothes. Washing by hand or by machine, you also have to spend time on sorting out and washing each type to avoid damage and fraying. For those, who dont have time, laundry service is the best choice, both save time and reduce harm. However, how to select a good laundry service provider is not easy.

bTaskee Laundry: Released based on demand of customers

During 2 years in On demand Home cleaning Service, bTaskee has understood that women spend so much time for housework. Apart from their job, when come back home, they have to continue doing housework such as wash dishes, cook, wash clothes,… Not only sort out and wash by hand with special fabics, wash the rest ones by machine, they have to hang them also.

Serving more than 30.000 customers, bTaskee received lots of feedbacks of customers with demand of expanding laundry service, which help the life is better beside Home cleaning Service. So that, in November, bTaskee launched laundry in Da Nang. Customers can easily book tasks by only several steps on bTaskee app, then, our partners will confirm your booking and serve.

Laundry service released based on demands of customers (Image: bTaskee)

Strong Point of bTaskee Laundry

Book service via bTaskee application

Only take several steps to book a task via bTaskee app (Image: bTaskee)

Customers can easily book tasks by only several steps on bTaskee app, then, our partners will confirm your booking and serve. Our system will auto update user’s task and in quickly, our partners will confirm and serve. This is the strong point of bTaskee Laundry.

Home Pickup and Delivery

Laundry Home Pickup and Delivery Service (Image: bTaskee)
After booking service, our partners will contact users to get customer clothes. After washing and drying, they will contact users and have home pickup and delivery. This point will help customers save lots of time.

Clear price

Service price is always updated and public on bTaskee application (Image: bTaskee)
Price of services is always updated on bTaskee website and price is based on type of clothes and fabics. Price of washing blankets and bedsheets will depend on their type and have affordable price for customers. When booking laundry on application, system will auto-calculate the price on total invoice for customers. However, the price may be changed a little bit when our partners come, receive and write receipt.

Please feel free and ascess our website bTaskee for more details.

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