In addition to a great quality of services, speediness and comfort, bTaskee sincerely wishes to bring you wonderful experiences and help you maintain a fulfilled life!


On the occasion of this 2020 Christmas, bTaskee will offer you a grandiose program: “Book bTaskee – Win hot Xmas prizes”, offering many attractive prizes with a total value up to 75 million VND.


Hurry up login to the application and book your task now to get a chance to become one of the luckiest Customers this Christmas!

Program procedure

  • From December 5th, 2020 to January 03rd, 2021, after each finished task, each Customer will receive 01 Lucky Draw ticket.
  • Only applicable for Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Grocery Assistant, Housekeeping, Air-conditioner cleaning, Laundry, Home Cooking service.
  • The list of Customers participating in the Lucky Draw will be finalized at the end of January 03rd, 2021.
  • bTaskee will start the Lucky Draw at 09:00, January 04th, 2021 to select the luckiest Customers who will receive our valuable prizes.

Prize structure

🥇 1 Golden Bee Prize: Samsung Inverter Refrigerator – Value of 20.000.000đ

🥈 2 Silver Bee Prizes: Lock&Lock Digital Air Fryer– Each prize has a value of 5.000.000đ.

🥉 5 Bronze Bee Prizes: Philips Electric Pressure Cooker – Each prize has a value of 2.000.000đ.

🏅 70 Lucky Bee Prizes: Super convenient Home Service Combo from bTaskee and Partners – Each prize has a value of 500.000đ.

List of winners

Golden Bee Prizes

  • 733FF66990 - Hương - 083xxxx866

Silver Bee Prizes

  • 76EBF54591 - Linh Đặng Khánh Nguyễn - 098xxxx777
  • 76EBF54184 - tín - 038xxxx631

Bronze Bee Prizes

  • 733FF658A7 - Nguyen HA - 090xxxx025
  • CSWFGA92GP - yen - 090xxxx868
  • XJOPP4WZJB - Truong Thanh Thanh - 096xxxx901
  • 733FF68EB8 - Thuý Phụng - 091xxxx036
  • AAYTGWINXF - Mỹ Dung - 093xxxx027
Receive the reward

Lucky Bee Prizes

  1. 6XJF8JPEH9 - Tiến-trương - 091xxxx770
  2. MU7SOLXIUF - Anh Tú - 091xxxx597
  3. 733FF67958 - ilaria - 038xxxx410
  4. 733FF6613F - Do Ngoc Thuy - 090xxxx656
  5. MEZ7W3ZMCB - Phương Hằng - 090xxxx450
  6. AXW6FHDMUR - Vũ Ngọc Mai - 098xxxx323
  7. 733FF65CFD - Hứa Bỉnh Khâm - 090xxxx559
  8. 76EBF534F1 - Huyến Lê - 076xxxx888
  9. 76EBF54912 - SuperHerro - 090xxxx993
  10. 733FF683B6 - phương - 093xxxx038
  11. OIRFIX7LXE - Luc Huynh Tan - 090xxxx733
  12. 733FF695C8 - Phụng - 090xxxx233
  13. 733FF67F10 - Dương Thư - 086xxxx979
  14. 76EBF5279E - Angela - 037xxxx229
  15. 733FF6691A - Reign Ruiz - 033xxxx431
  16. 733FF668A6 - dao thi thanh huyen - 098xxxx977
  17. Q93S5GSUFW - Bình Hà - 077xxxx966
  18. 733FF688B9 - edward diep - 093xxxx190
  19. 733FF65A7F - Nhã Phương - 070xxxx345
  20. 76EBF535EC - Jennifer - 091xxxx871
  21. 733FF666C2 - Phan Đức Trí - 093xxxx125
  22. 76EBF55067 - Giadinh Molit - 098xxxx689
  23. 2WZAJA2OU3 - Hieu Tran - 090xxxx310
  24. 733FF65927 - Vi Nguyen Thi Tuong - 093xxxx179
  25. YYTSM3QZPT - Nha VI Tran - 090xxxx377
  26. 733FF67FE5 - Nguyễn Hằng - 090xxxx688
  27. WSVHKYMEBF - quynh thu - 098xxxx216
  28. SDHSPQVMHJ - Ánh Nguyễn Thị Ngọc - 036xxxx555
  29. 733FF68DAD - Thanh Thảoo - 090xxxx359
  30. XMZBRZUYIQ - NHẬT LÊ - 094xxxx045
  31. 733FF67678 - Le Ly - 090xxxx054
  32. RPWDBWTGHT - anh Bách - 091xxxx053
  33. 5X5MARLQQU - Thích Bia Đức - 086xxxx868
  34. LQ3YJZ2GSZ - Tran Phuong - 094xxxx833
  35. 733FF68CF9 - trang - 097xxxx654
  36. 733FF667FE - My - 088xxxx595
  37. 2EZ63NOBHP - Nguyễn Đăng Giang Anh - 096xxxx866
  38. 76EBF54E3B - Đinh Quốc Bảo - 094xxxx369
  39. 76EBF5385E - Daisy May - 039xxxx772
  40. GMKBH8PPX3 - Vương Song Bình - 098xxxx868
  41. 733FF66D6A - bảo - 058xxxx170
  42. 76EBF53864 - Trâm Lương - 090xxxx524
  43. SXCLK3HTWK - Quỳnh Anh - 085xxxx830
  44. 733FF68C11 - Loan - 077xxxx936
  45. 733FF69012 - Rin No Hana - 090xxxx333
  46. LZ8DYK5V9P - Ailyn - 034xxxx927
  47. CGJWFXNQJY - jason - 089xxxx112
  48. BH4GQ3V2GR - 남정화 - 077xxxx243
  49. 733FF65EB3 - Van Vu - 090xxxx899
  50. TINZANOCHW - Cao Thao - 091xxxx138
  51. JMGDITSKGQ - chị Viễn - 090xxxx288
  52. FZBTS6SMAL - Hảo - 098xxxx185
  53. 733FF68DAB - Nguyennguyen Lyly - 077xxxx770
  54. 76EBF53CBE - Van Everdink Yen - 093xxxx002
  55. 733FF66D77 - Joo Hyun An - 078xxxx509
  56. 76EBF53212 - Minh - 097xxxx112
  57. BKS9TXASOF - Phuoc Nguyen - 098xxxx329
  58. 76EBF53385 - Duyên Trần - 093xxxx617
  59. 733FF68651 - thu hiền - 032xxxx029
  60. 733FF65B4A - Vi - 090xxxx802
  61. D766NHGXWW - Linh Linh - 089xxxx846
  62. NSSQSJ4XAY - Le Duy - 097xxxx630
  63. 76EBF5319F - Nguyễn Thảo Uyên - 079xxxx808
  64. 76EBF554D9 - Hà - 092xxxx666
  65. 733FF68F2A - Lê Minh Trang - 076xxxx282
  66. 733FF67680 - Thu Ha Tran - 090xxxx889
  67. KDRMGRS2WM - vân - 097xxxx004
  68. T2IFX2FJZW - trần thanh xuân - 090xxxx224
  69. 76EBF53A0E - Hien Nguyen Thu - 039xxxx489
  70. 76EBF550E7 - Hong Nguyen - 097xxxx117
Receive the reward

Receive the reward

  • The list of winners will be announced on the Website, Fanpage and application of bTaskee.
  • bTaskee Customer Support Department will contact the lucky winners within 03 working days to inform and guide the procedure for receiving the prize.
  • After thoroughly confirming the valid information of the winning customer, bTaskee will directly award the prize to the lucky Customers.
  • The Golden, Silver and Bronze prize: We will contact you within 24 hours to guide you how to claim bTaskee prize.
  • The Lucky Bee Prize: All information about promotion code and terms of use will be sent directly to your Application.

How to use Lucky Bee Prize vouchers?

Free Home Cleaning service voucher from bTaskee.

  • Only applied to customer booking cleaning services on bTaskee application.
  • Promotion code only applied for 01 booking.
  • This promotion cannot be used together with other promotions.
  • Not refundable and exchangeable.
  • Insert the promotion code in the box “PROMOTION CODE” when booking a task to join the program.

Combo 04 Vouchers Beauty Service from Lookme:

  • Essential Oil Massage service at Jojo spa, only 130,000 VND.
  • Neck And Shoulder Therapy Massage service at Silk spa, only 90,000 VND.
  • Herbal Shampoo service at Soda House, only 49,000 VND.
  • Cuticle Removing and Nail Painting service at Tinysullie, only 60,000 VND

Terms & conditions:

  • Validity: 10/02/2021.
  • Voucher is non-transferable and may only be used by bTaskee customers.
  • This offer only covers what is described in the promotion, and doesn’t account for any other fees.
  • This offer cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other promotions

How to use the code:

  • Step 1: Download Lookme app on Appstore or Google Play
  • Step 2: Register account and fill the Code in Partner Sponsor (Account tab)
  • Step 3: Choose service and Booking
  • Step 4: Come to the shop and show QR code/phone number to the staff

Voucher 200.000vnd from PYS Travel

Terms & conditions:

  • Validity: 1/1/2021-30/6/2021.
  • Customers who have bookings of PYS Travel package tour excluding airlinetickets and combos.
  • Cannot be used with any other vouchers / invoices.
  • Promotion cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Not applicable simultaneously with other promotions.
  • Usage terms: Applicable to bookings made via website, fanpage, callcenter, live chat of PYS Travel or made offline when coming directly to PYSTravel office.


  • Each customer participating in the program can receive only one prize. In case the lucky customer winning two prizes, bTaskee will only award the customer the prize with the greater value.
  • All prizes cannot be transferred and exchanged for cash or any kind of credit of equivalent value.
  • bTaskee reserves the right to refuse to award prizes in case of failures to provide sufficient information to confirm the validity of the winners.
  • When awarding the prize, bTaskee has the right to request the Customer to present identification documents or other information to confirm the identity of the reward recipient, in order to avoid fraud cases.
  • After 30 days from the prize announcement day, if the Customer has not completed the procedure for receiving the prize, bTaskee is forced to cancel this winning result of the Customer. This prize will be treated as an unclaimed prize.
  • Customers must redeem/receive all offers/prizes within the time specified. Any offers/prizes that are not redeemed/received within the specified time will be handled according to current regulations. bTaskee will not resolve any disputes or compensation claims related to this case.
  • By participating in this program, Customers winning and receiving any prize from the program agree on bTaskee using their personal information and images for the purpose of announcing, publicing winners and for other purposes such as advertising or marketing.
  • By participating in this program, Customer agrees to accept bTaskee’s terms of service, applicable to the services provided by bTaskee, as set forth in the bTaskee application. Each offer comes with its own Terms and Conditions. Customers please refer to the Terms and Conditions before using.
  • bTaskee will not be liable for any dispute from the Customers, from a third party or from any loss, including but not limited to: loss of profit, expectation loss, punitive damage, indirect/special/unintentional loss, indirectly/directly/third-party involved dispute, resulting from or related to this program.
  • bTaskee will not be liable for any property damage claim or any property loss after the Customer has confirmed the claiming of the prize from bTaskee.
  • Employees, Collaborators and Partners from bTaskee are not allowed to participate in this program.

For more information about the promotion program, please contact the call center 1900.636.736 or support@btaskee.com for consultation.


Find out more about bTaskee here.


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