Benefits of booking cleaning tasks early in this Tet season


Your tasks get confirmed promptly

The earlier you book, the higher possibility that your task will be confirmed on time. This also increases the odds that your favorite bTaskers will accept your task.



Book a task in only 60 seconds to prepare for a busy Tet ahead. We support re-booking with the same task information with simple operation on the application.


Ease your mind at work

You no longer have to manage both work and household chores. Make early bookings with bTaskee and concentrate fully at work.

Should I choose during this Tet holiday?


Home is always clean throughout the Tet holiday


Enjoy a clean house this Tet

In this Tet holiday, all you need to do is relax and spend time with your family; Let bTaskee take care of all house chores.


Quick booking

Poste a task in only 60 seconds on the application and the task will be confirmed and taken care of within 60 minutes. We support rebooking in a very simple way on the application.



Diverse services with many options, suiting your different cleaning needs.

Clean your house to welcome the new year


Intensive cleaning

This includes overall cleaning of the house and cleaning multiple areas at the same time in a short period.


Full range of cleaning tools

Deep Cleaning taskers are always fully equipped with specialized cleaning tools and this is completely cost-free.


High performance when working in group

bTaskee collaborators always know how to arrange and divide the work properly. They make sure the house is clean, tidy and orderly.



The Home Cleaning Service covers basic chores only. If you need a thorough cleaning or general cleaning of the house, kindly switch to our Deep Cleaning service.

Lower your inability to find taskers in the peak season, book ahead cleaning tasks today.

Tet - a time for cleaning


From January 25, 2021 (Lunar December 13) to the end of February 21, 2021 (ie Lunar January 10).



From Lunar 23 to the end of the Lunar 10 of Tet (February 4 – February 21, 2021), the service fee varies from 50,000 VND / h  to 120,000 VND / h depending on the time.

How to book ahead tasks this Tet



For Tet cleaning tasks, bTaskee only allows two payment methods, namely bPay wallet or linked international payment card.

Inquiries on Tet bookings

Hours of operation for the Home Cleaning service provided in Tet holiday is from 6:00 to 22:00 daily.

Booking a Tet task allows early task-posting up to 30 days in advance which is different from regular tasks allowing only posting to be made 7 days in advance.

If you encounter this situation, please check the form of payment on the app. For Tet cleaning tasks, customers are only allowed to pay through two forms: bPay and international cards. If your bPay account has no balance, please top-up via Visa, Master card or ATM cards of banks with Internet Banking and Momo wallet.

In Tet holiday, bTaskee allows customers to book 1 month in advance. Customers can still book an urgent task for Tet. However, it will be difficult to find a tasker because of the increasing demand for cleaning up during this Tet season. Therefore, bTaskee strongly advises customers to book as early as possible.

During Tet, bTaskee Customer Support team still assists in resolving customers’ questions and complaints. The processing time to resolve inquiries or complaints is within 3 days after receiving the information from customers. Customers can contact the hotline 1900 636 736 for support at any time.


Download and book a task today

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