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Christmas Eve Dinner 2018


As usual, bTaskee members together had a Christmas Eve Dinner to gather with each other.

In this occasion, bTaskee again welcomed new members.

Thanh Tai – New member of SEO Team
Dan Khanh – Marketing Intern
Seohyun – Customer Service Staff
Dan Tran – New member of IT Team

The whole team had a selfie together before dinner.

“Say cheese! “

The most exciting activity of the day was to choose Christmas gifts and gifts were all prepared by bTaskee members.

Christmas gifts under the tree prepared by bTaskee members were waiting to be picked up
One of the biggest gifts on this Christmas was picked by Ms. Linh (left)
Duc Anh (right) – A member of IT Team gave his gift to the lucky person
Mr. Dan (left) gave his gift to Mr. Phuong and they had a photo with each other
Mr. Toan got a candy towel. This must be the sweetest present this Christmas at bTaskee
Mr. Tuan got cosmetic products prepared by a male colleague
Mr. Linh received a calendar and a secret postcard

Lots of gifts and love were exchanged at this Christmas Eve Dinner and bTaskee’s Christmas 2018 ended in a joyful and bustling atmosphere.

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