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For Air-conditioner Cleaning/Laundry Partners

Yes, it is. Recently, the tasks are stable and always on bTaskee application.

After customer book a task, you will immediatly receive the notification on application

In confirming step, application will show the list of your registered staff. You can actively assign any staff in that list by click on the name of the staff on application.

When customers have demand, they will book on application. If you confirm that task, system will display customer contact. You have to contact or send them a confirmed message directly via bTaskee apllication.

After completing the task, you will receive cash from customer. If customer uses card for payment, the money will be transfered directly to your account.

If you can not contact customer, please call to hotline 1900.636.736 for support

Depend on the specification of task, a staff or store owner can disscuss with the customer about how much volume of work you can complete.

For bTasker

From Monday to Friday before 19:00, you will get 50,000VND/ hour. After 19:00 the money is 60,000VND/hour. During Tet holiday, the service price will increase.

You do not need to pay any cost when applying to bTaskee’s partner

Please prepare these documents:

– Copy notarized ID Card.

– Copy notarized Resident paper.

– Natorized resumes.

– Police report.

After completing prepared documents and passing the probation, you will download bTaskee Partner application and sign up. When customer books a task, you will be notifed and can actively confirm it on application without contacting bTaskee.

Each cleaner (Tasker) can register 03 priority districts for working. When there are tasks available in these districts, system will prior those tasks for you.

After completing the task, you will receive cash from customer. If they use another mode of payment, such as cards; the money will be transfered to your bank account.

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