Customer's questions

Overview of bTaskee application

bTaskee is a marketplace application that allows customers to book tasks directly on bTaskee application with simple easy steps for home/office cleaning, air-conditioner cleaning, laundry services, etc. Our bTasker/helper will choose a task and contact the customer in the app either by chat or phone call. The whole booking procedure will only take 60 seconds to complete. Specifically, unlike traditional cleaning agencies, bTaskee allows customers to conveniently book a task directly on bTaskee app.

bTaskee is operating in Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Binh Duong, Bien Hoa and Can Tho. We are planning to develop business in other remaining areas in the nearest future.

At bTaskee, we require our bTaskers to possess at least 1 year of working experience in house cleaning and have full profile/background checked and verified from the local government. bTaskee conducts thorough interviews, knowledge tests and trial periods for our applicants to become an official bTasker. Therefore, please rest be assured because we will give you the best quality service.

bTaskers will confirm the task within one hour of your booking .
Please take notice on holidays and rush hours. You should book your task one day in advance to make sure our bTasker is available due to the increase in demand.

When a bTasker receives your task, you can take a look through the Average Star Rating and Evaluations from previous customers on the application.

bTaskee staff always takes upfront pictures of bTaskers when they register first for bTaskee. The photos of bTaskers are displayed on the application.
A picture of the bTasker receiving your task is shown on bTaskee application as well.
QR code is available on bTaskee app. You can scan QR code of a bTasker to verify her identity when she arrives at your place.

The person who is introduced by you must apply your reference code when signing up. After the first task is completed, both of you and your friend will receive 50,000 vnd in your bPay account for your next task.

bTaskee services are available on the New Year’s and other holidays. Therefore, you can book any task disregarding the special holidays. To ensure your reservation on holidays, please make a reservation 1-2 days in advance.

Making a task schedule on the application:
• Select your type of apartment/ address. So our bTasker can find your house/ apartment easier.
• Select “Bring cleaning supplies” in “Add-on services” section(If needed).
• Fill in detailed cleaning task descriptions (if any).

When it’s time fot work:
• Please pay attention to your phone, since a bTasker will contact you.
• Confirm the bTasker is the same person as in the photo displayed on application.
• Guide the bTasker through some basic areas in your house the sake of convienience.

• You need to evaluate the quality of the bTasker. Since this will help bTaskee team can improve better and bring out the best service quality.

Through bPay, you can pay bTaskee service cost without cash.There are many ways to deposit into bPay from Visa, Master, ATM card in banks of Internet Banking or MoMo. You can also use Visa or Master cards of Credit or Debit card to pay bTaskee service cost. (If needed) For integration,you need to insert your card information with a fee of 5,000 vnđ.The minimum amount of deposit is 200,000 vnđ.

Functions on the application

Peak hour is the highest demand for using our service. It is occured from 6am to 8 am and from 5pm onwards(rush hours).

It is the amount of time needed by our bTasker to clean your house with estimated size and number of rooms. You can adjust the working hours of our bTasker based on the number of rooms when booking cleaning service.

While you can book air-conditioning services in the evening, bTaskee suggests that you book A/C service in the morning and afternoon. These times ensures that a bTasker is available for your task .

bTaskee is now providing laudry services daily from 9:00 to 22:00 with last-minute booking is before 22:00.

bTaskee stops supporting tasks from 23:00pm to 5:00am. Please choose booking time during hours of operation

When the bTasker receives your booking, she will contact you on bTaskee app in “Chat” section. Please remind to allow notification from the application for smooth communication.

When you need your house cleaned by many bTaskers, you can select Deep Cleaning service on the first screen of bTaskee application.

You can book “Home Cooking” service to meet your demand.

You can book many services at the same time. Each service will be counted as a separate task on the application. Our bTasker will receive tasks and contact you like usual.

When you book house cleaning service on the application, you can choose add-on services such as: Cooking, Ironing and Bring cleaning supplies for extra tasks with detailed descriptions.

You can make a booking of a maximum of 10 air-conditioners limited to one task as following:
Fill in the brands of air-conditioners, quantity ,…, select “Add” until done. If you need gas refill service also choose “Add”.

You can cancel your booking in “Option” icon. However, you should limit the number of cancellations, maximum 7 times in 7 days. Because this will reduce your level of credibility as a customer on the bTaskee app.

Payment methods

You can pay directly to bTasker by cash, credit/ debit card or bPay.

When the booking task is finished, the service payment receipt will be sent to your registered email in “Contact and payment” section of posting cleaning schedule stage.

bTaskee company provides an application for house cleaning services on demand. bTaskee will not directly provide services, so we can not give out value added tax invoices.
However, you can receive a payment receipt for your task, via the registered email in the “Contact and payment” section during scheduling the cleanup step.

Cleaning with Subscription

You can use the “Weekly repeat” feature on bTaskee application and select a fixed cleaning date.The system will automatically post your scheduled tasks.

bTaskee offers a package of home cleaning services for 1-3 months ensuring the best quality and convenience for the customers. Fixed cleaning task in packages will be automatically be scheduled at least 2 days prior to the destined date.

In the process of using our home cleaning package, if you want to change the bTasker, please call the customer service hotline 1900.636.736 for assistance.

If you are absent for a few days, you can can cancel your task on btaskee app.
If you absent for a long time, please call the operator hotline 1900.636.736 to suspend your package and get a refund. bTaskee will assist your refund in either methods below:

Refund via bPay: bTaskee refunds the total amount of unused sessions.
Refund via bank transfer: bTaskee refunds the total amount of unused sessions minus 20% of the initial package value.

When you need to continue using the package, you can choose a new cleaning service package like usual on btaskee app.

You can cancel the cleaning package . In regard to the cancellation rules of paid and refunded packages, bTaskee supports 2 refund methods as below:

1. Refunds via bPay: bTaskee refunds the total amount of unused sessions
2. Refund via bank transfer: bTaskee refunds the total amount of unused sessions minus 20% of the original package value.

Report problem

bTaskee is sorry if the bTasker cancels your task. When this happens, your task will automatically be reposted on our system, other bTasker will get the task.

“In this case, it may be because the task is posted at the time when the customer’s needs increase. Please be patient,a bTasker will receive your task at any moment.

If it is close to the starting time of your task and still no bTasker ready, please change the date and time of your task. The system will automatically be updated and bTaskers will accept the job.”

When this happens, please do not let the person enter your house/apartment. You should lock the door and call the customer service department 1900.636. 736 for immediate assistance.

“It is possible that the current promotion only applies to customers receiving promotion notices. Promotion codes which are either expired apply in your city with a limited number of promotions, so you cannot use the promotional codes.

You can call the customer service department 1900.636.736 for immediate assistance.”

If any unfortunate events such as theft or property damage, please kindly inform your complaint/dispute to bTaskee customer service via email You should list in the email all the details,proofs to smoother the solution process.( Note: Your email should display the exact date/time, with attachments like photos, extracted video from security camera-if any ).

Within 02 working days, since your complaint has been received( excluding weekends and holidays), bTaskee will check,confirm, reply and demand all related parties to give out information. Please accept all calls coming from bTaskee. During solution process, bTaskee strongly require all related parties not to disclose publicly any information/dispute online or any social media pages.

In regard to serious or unresolvable conflicts, complainants (Customers, Maids and Partners) must adhere to legal authorities for further intervention. bTaskee will cooperate with government agencies to provide papers and information of related parties.

Regarding conflicts of violating the Maid Code of Conduct,bTaskee will take corresponding actions with the Partner’s agreement.


You can change your information including Display name, Email and Phone number in the “Account” section on the application. The system will send a notification to your email inbox about the update.

You can change the language in the application under “Accounts” and change the language option in “Settings”. At the moment, the application supports Vietnamese, English and Korean languages.

In order to protect your account information on bTaskee application from wrongful intentions, please do not share your password with anyone.
If you have any suspicion of your account being used by a stranger, please select “Change password” in “Account” to ensure your account security.

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