What to eat today? Steamed chicken with lemongrass salt dish (Day 4)

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Let’s have a look at bTaskee’s What to eat today? withthe daily menu. Today, bTaskee will propose a hot menu with special dishes, such as Steamed chicken with lemongrass salt – a delicious dish, even in your imagination, you can feel how it taste, right?



Name of dish Price
Steamed chicken with lemongrass salt 136,000 đ
Fried fish cake with tomato sauce 54,000 ₫
Brassica juncea broth with minced meat 30,000 ₫
The dessert: 1 kg of guava 15,000 ₫
Total 235,000 ₫


Steamed chicken with lemongrass salt



No. What to prepare Price
1 A chicken’s weight of 1 kg 120,000 đ
2 Lemongrass (including the crushed one and the complete one) 4,000 đ
3 Dry shallots 1,000 đ
4 Garlic 1,000 đ
5 Unrefined salt 5,000 đ
6 Lime leaves 2,000 đ
7 Seasoning 1,000 đ
8 Chili 2,000 đ



Stage 1Pre-process raw materials

  • Wash the chicken and its viscera and then let them dry.
  • Make a spice mixture for marinating the chicken, including crushed lemongrass, crushed lime leaves, salt, seasoning, cooking oil.
  • Afterwards, cover the chicken with the spice mixture, then wait in 15 minutes.

Stage 2: Prepare a steam pot

  • Arrange some unrefined salt under the steam tray, next is the layer of the complete lemongrasses, lime leaves, some sliced chilis.
  • Next, put the chicken into the pot and use silver paper to seal the mouth of the pot and then cover up the pot.

Stage 3: Steam the chicken with small heat in 40-45 minutes.

Stage 4: Take the chicken out of the pot. Note: use chopsticks to seal off silver paper to avoid your fingers getting burned due to the hot steam.


Fried fish cake with tomato sauce



No. What to prepare Price
1 500 g of fish cake 40,000 đ
2 2 tomatoes 5,000 đ
3 Shallots 1,000 đ
4 Scallion 1,000 đ
5 Pepper 2,000 đ
6 Chili sauce 4,000 đ
7 Seasoning 1,000 đ



Stage 1: Fry fish cakes

  • Fry fish cakes you bought. Each of them is round, easy to eat and attractive.
  • Fry with the small heat to make fish cakes fried well with beautiful yellow and avoid them getting burned.

Stage 2: Make tomato sauce

  • Dice or chop tomatoes. Put some cooking oil to the pan, add and stir chopped shallots. After that, put and stir well tomatoes, add some water to make tomatoes quickly cooked and become soft.
  • When tomatoes become soft, add a small bowl of water and add some spice.

Stage 3:

  • Put fried fish cakes to the pan of tomato sauce.
  • Stir fish cakes with the small heat, continue to add spice for your taste. Turn down the heat to make fish cakes dipped with spice.
  • Wait for the sauce become less, turn off the stove and put some scallion and pepper.
  • Put fish cakes on a plate and use with rice.


Brassica juncea broth with minced meat



No. What to prepare Price
1 150 g of minced pork 15,000 đ
2 One bunch of brassica juncea 10,000 đ
3 Shallots 1,000 đ
4 Fish sauce, cooking oil, MSG 4,000 đ



Stage 1:

  • Marinate the minced pork with fishing sauce, pepper, shallots, MSG, some cooking oil in 5-10 minutes.
  • Wash and cut the brassica juncea into pieces of 2 knuckles of one finger.

Stage 2:

  • Put some cooking oil to the pan, add and stir shallots, then put and stir the pork in the pot.
  • When the pork is partly stirred, pour one bowl of water to boil it.
  • Skim constantly to make water transparent.

Stage 3:

  • When the water boils, put the brassica juncea.
  • Turn off the stove after 3-5 minutes when the vegetable is boiled.
  • Note: don’t cover the pot to avoid the brassica juncea getting soaked and losing its green color.


The dessert: Guavas


Peel the guavas, chop in wedges and get rid of the seeds in the middle. Guavas are fruits containing a lot of vitamin C (much more than oranges) and trace elements, especially zinc (good for males).

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